Q & A with Mets Blog

Matt Cerrone, who runs Mets Blog (the standard in team-specific blogging) asked me to answer a few questions about the Phillies, their fans, and Jose Reyes. Seems the Mets folks are not happy with my responses…

Give it a read.

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23 Responses

  1. Such hatred towards you Kyle. Good job speaking the truth, no matter what they are bitter and will be biased, and so will we. You are a Phillies fan , they are Met fans. Thats why it’s a sports rivalry. I enjoyed reading those comments about how pissed they were. Any Met fans that don’t like it, can go suck an egg.

  2. New York is universally hated, it’s not just us… Someday that will sink in to thier thick high foreheads. The phrase i hear most often when i’m on the road is “thank god, i thought you were a new yorker”.

  3. I love the guy who said “he still has to wake up in Philadelphia.” I’m sure New York is much better to wake up to.

  4. Now that the page actually loaded and I could read it…the reaction is exactly what I expected. If you flip the situation around (in other words, remember back to the early 2000s) and it was Mets guy coming in here 40 games over .500 while we’re terrible year after year we wouldn’t like it either, no matter how much sense they made.

  5. I like how…on a Mets blog…one of the comments started defending the Giants of last year saying the Eagles “stole” the division. HA!

  6. You know, I really don’t hate the Mets (probably because they suck now), but I hate the Mets fans acting as if New York is the center of the universe and that NY is the best city ever. We both have our scum fans, front runners, faults, etc. but what I have seen more so out of New York fans (not just Mets fans) is a lot more hatred and vulgarity towards Philadelphia since we passed them in the best sports city in the world. Jealous perhaps folks? They have a very narrow view of the world around them and a very very very very narrow view of the sports world which makes them SPORTS STUPID. For example, saying Victorino is the most dirty player in the league and the Mets will contend for the title next year cements that fact.

  7. No one really won in that exchange. If you read the piece not having any allegiance or bias, you’d ask who the douche is, with a tie between the Mets fan(s) and Kyle. There certainly was not a stitch of craft or candor but who needs it when you are a Phils fans. Either way, it was a fluff piece on both parts in order to bloat the site traffic on both sides. We’ve all been whored for publicity and if you don’t think that’s the bottom line then you’re sadly mistaken.
    More Phillies, less Mets!

  8. Fighting on the Internet is like competing in the special olympics (or being a mets fan) at the end of the day, you’re still retarded.

  9. That was great Kyle, way to represent the Philly fanbase. The answers were dead on, and all the apparent ‘ny hatred’ the mets readers perceived wasn’t actually there…Reyes is disliked by alot of fanbases, and the fact that he doesn’t give it his all – unless he hits a ball he thinks he’s going to get a triple out of – is witnessed by everybody from espn crews to ten year olds watching with their family. ‘Deserving or not’ means that his ‘soulless’ play is a perfect microcosm for the Mets, he doesn’t try just like the front office doesn’t try, the owner doesn’t try, and the ‘faces’ of the franchise, Wright included, doesn’t try.
    The comments section was pure entertainment, only two or three of them actually recognized the fact that their team stinks, the Owner is basically the MLB equivilant of the Bengals owner, and any criticism is warranted.
    Let us know the next time – if there is one – ahead of time because I would have loved to have been involved in that chat. Best line, ‘you’re right, Pagan can’t control it (see what I did there)’…absolutely made me laugh out loud.

  10. Awesomeness.
    And the crack about “he has to wake up in Philly every day”? WAY better than being from FLUSHING, NY. (I know, it sounds like a sentence, or at least a participial phrase . . .and an appropriately descriptive one at that!)

  11. One of my favorite comments was by Shea_it_aint_so:
    I have been a mets fan my whole life….(im 30) and Im laughing at the Mets right now.
    We have finished in 4th years running (although this year we may break that streak with a last place finish)
    The owner….thats right the owner…said this team is snakebitten
    We refuse to slide into home.
    We are broke
    Our player cant hit cause he’s busy taking a dump
    I mean the list goes on and on…..we are more commical then anything else on tv.

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