Reader Email: Samuel Dalembert was Slammin’ Drinks in Drexel Hill This Weekend

From the unexpected files, here's an email from reader Lou (unedited):


Samuel Dalembert 's goal tending ass was at Jimmy Macs last night a hole in the wall  dive bar in drexel hill on the corner of Burmont Rd and Marshall rd. He said he wants to come back to Philly and is trying to make it happen. my friends got photos but hes still asleep let me know you want them. 


Of course I want that photo. And here it is:


I… I'm not even going to touch that.

Slammin' is a free agent, but we'll assume new owner Joshua Harris isn't the type to sign Dalembert to a six-year, $58 million contract. Who would do such a thing?


4 Responses

  1. it’s funny because he asked for a trade. guess the grass isn’t always greener. then again things have changed since he left, i.e. doug collins is here and stefanski is not.

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