UPDATE: Howard Eskin Announces He’s Stepping Down as Afternoon Host on WIP (with Audio)

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According to Dan Gross of Philly.com, Howard Eskin will give up his hosting duties on WIP after Labor Day: [Philly.com]

Sources say Eskin, who has worked at WIP for about 25 years, will retire from daily broadcasting but remain as a contributor and Eagles sideline reporter.
The station is expected to announce this change among other updates to its line up sometime this week, insiders tell us.


There has also been talk of 610 taking over 94.1's FM signal, a move that presumably would help them compete with The Fanatic's FM signal on 97.5.

UPDATE: Eskin just made it official. He announced that he is stepping down from the show to pursue national opportunities. He will stay on with WIP as a part-time contributor covering the Eagles.

Audio of his announcement, after the jump. About halfway through he gets choked up.

Say what you will about about him (and I have), but he has been one of the leading Philly sports voices for the last 25 years. We wish him the best.



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  1. YYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. the Cuz has been on vacation, out of the US. and thank God the “King” is leaving, nothing but a dick sucker to Andy Reid…Charlie Manuel is somewhere laughing at Howard and for those comments said back in 2007, who got the parade Howard!?

  3. Any word on what will happen to Ike Reese? I enjoy Ike on the afternoon show, and I hope he remains on the show.

  4. I think gargano & ike reese in the afternoons will happen. I like rob ellis and macnow middays would be good.

  5. Jeff..I’m thinking the same thing unless they reunite Mac and Mac as Jodi McDonald has been doing a lot of shifts on WIP recently..
    Cataldi signed a 4 year/ million per year contract with WIP at the begining of 2010 so I doubt he is going anywhere..

  6. Don’t waste 94.1 on WIP…
    I recently got an HD radio, having it as one of the extra simulcast is nice, but having an FM signal is not really the reason I prefer 97.5 to WIP. The subject of this topic was definitely one of them though.

  7. Thank God, I cannot stand Eskin. He loves to bash Flyers fans and loves sucking Reid’s cock. What a fucking douche. I am not in favor of WIP taking over ysp’s fm signal since I do like their format and their music. I wouldn’t mind wip choosing another FM signal though because FM sports talk sounds so much better. Now if we can only do someting about horse teeth rhea hughes. She absolutely blows.

  8. Maybe gargantuan’s little baby can take over, lil ant, he’d whine less, ahhhh and look it his little hands he so cute…

  9. Okay a couple of things…who could hate Cataldi? I say move him to the afternoon slot, and I’m all for the 610-94.1 takeover. After 97.5 caves in from the competition, it can go back to being a rock station like the good ‘ol days of 97.5 The Hawk.

  10. This guy. Got paired up with him randomly at a course in southern NJ years ago. Had to sit there and listen to him trash A.I. for most of the round (when AI was running the city in the spring of 2001) when he wasn’t talking about himself and how he never paid for Titleist Professionals (currently the Pro-V1)

  11. gargano makes me sick how he always talks abt lil ant & macnow alwyas talking up the burger he just ate

  12. I hate to see the ‘King’ go! Philly sportscaster ICON — only one better is Big Al

  13. garganos the biggest fraud on the station, see how fast he moved outta the city when he had lil’ prince pepperoni? Yo Bo! WTF does that even mean?

  14. I always hated Eskin. Saw him sitting in the Borgata wasted one night by himself. We all just laughed at him, he thought we were going to come over and say hi. Mikey Miss is tough to beat in the afternoon. Only one who could challenge him is his own buddy, the Cuz.

  15. nice ot see mr. eskin finally going and doing what hes been doing for years… face banging the eagles. I guess now he can wear their merchandise on the sideline without being critized. Maybe he’ll actually go play a sport to learn more about it like he tells everyone else to do.

  16. If they move Cataldi to the afternoon slot, which makes no sense considering the morning drive slot is the biggest money maker, they’re not going to over-take Mikey Miss. It really doesn’t make a difference. 70% of the jerkoffs on either station have no clue what they’re saying half the time.

  17. Who hates Cataldi? Well, me for one. That guy is a fucking tard. When he isnt creppily talking to and/or hitting on girls, his sports points generally make no sense. When our teams win a game or two, he’s in love. One loss and he acts like the world has ended. Rhea is unbearable. Cant wait until Morganti and Jonesy take over the show someday.
    Gargano is from South Philly, and Italian. We get it. He can stop acting like he’s from Sicily. But still, I’ll take that over the roulette table that makes up 97.5’s midday lineup.
    The radio should only be on from 2-6pm, and it should be tuned into Mikey Miss.

  18. If only they could reunite Mikey Miss and The Cuz and make that the afternoon show. Their time on WIP middays was the best sports radio show ever.

  19. “Okay a couple of things…who could hate Cataldi? ”
    People with more then 7 functioning brain cells.

  20. He plays a character on his show….he’s supposed to argue with callers. He is what Miss is becoming.
    He basically just said that he’s staying on air but will move if a bigger job comes up. Basically…if ESPN or Fox calls he’s moving on.

  21. can’t stand that fraud gargano – the tony soprano wannabe with his south philly schtick. he talks to callers like they’re 5 yr olds (THAZ AWSUMMMMM!)

  22. Happy to see Eskin go.
    I wish they’d put Mac & Mac back together again.
    Mikey Miss is great, can’t beat him.

  23. Man..didn’t anyone just hear Eskin make the announcement on WIP?? Talk about awkward..He cried more then Michael Jack and Brett Farve’s retirement speeches combined. Basically said he is gonna be doing more National stuff and is giving up the 3-7 spot..this was all HIS idea..right

  24. I made the switch to 97.5 b/c I couldn’t stand Eskin’s whole tone that the callers were all “nitwits” and “dopes”. Not everyone calls to propose Blanton/Ibanez for (insert all-star here) trades. Mike Miss rips Eskin, but he is becoming the same arrogant jerk. He comes off as a know-it-all who thinks he’s better than you. He takes the unpopular opinions (LeBron for example) just to disagree with callers & make for better radio. The guy who is on with Missannelli every day is the WORST. He kisses his ass EVERY chance he gets. He’s like George Costanza in the “Tony” episode.

  25. Eskin has the best show on WIP. Cataldi is a fucking annoying asshole. If the morning show dropped him and Rhea it would have a chnace. Glenn Macnow is the most boring, grumpy, and annoying person on the station though. He hangs up on callers if he hears static on the line for one second and only really talks about food. The Saturday show with him and Ray Diddy is the biggest snooze fest on radio. I use to like the Cuz but I cant take him with Glenn. The Cuz and Ike would be a good show. Eskin puts on an act, and its funny. He also is very intune to local sports, breaking alot of big news. Hate to see him go, just like I hated to see Bruno go on 97.5

  26. Eskin may have been an a-hole but at least he knew his shit, actually went to press conferences, & did his due diligence following up news stories. If I could I’d keep his pompous ass & send Cataldi on a one way trip to anywhere but here. I absolutely cannot stand listening to that guy anymore. He’s hopelessly outdated, he sounds creepy as all hell whenever he’s talking to women, & whenever he interviews anybody outside of the realm of sports his interviews are just painfully bad & embarrassing to listen to. Just hearing his nasally voice nowadays makes me switch stations. Please WIP, just hand the show over to Big Daddy, or Gargano sometime soon.
    FYI: kinda interesting that WIP did that listener forum a couple of weeks ago & now out of the blue Eskin is retiring from radio. Coincidence? I think not.

  27. you guys, you hate him, but you will miss hating him. we all loved to hate him. sometimes i would tune in just to listen to him rant about stupid shit.

  28. NOW all we need is Tony Bruno to take on Stincataldi. If they could get Bruno to do mornings, 97.5 would be the bomb.

  29. Bring in his son Spike!! Completely knowledgeable with sports and a great radio guy!!

  30. “Eskin knows his shit”???? He is the least knowledgeable sports guy in Philly by a mile. All hat no cattle. He’ll go to games and not even watch them, instead runs around looking for an ass to kiss.
    He’ll be a national zero.

  31. I dont want to hear about him being the one who went to all the games. When he was there he was jock sniffing or sucking up to cutie pies in the stands or sidelines. He was more interested in being seen.

  32. Uncle Cholly should have knocked Eskin out when he had the chance. God that would have been great.

  33. Eskin is a huge douche, and whether or not it was an act, it’s still annoying to hear him belittle fans and callers on a daily basis. It’s also fucking annoying to hear him bow down to andy Reid and the eagles, and then spit on the phillies just because he has a grudge against Charlie Manuel. He complains about charlies decisions all the time, but never comes down hard on Reid, who is easily one of the most aggravating coaches to watch when it comes to in game decisions. (it’s also worth noting that in 4 years, the phils have accomplished more than the eagles have, and the birds under Reid have had over a decade and have only a super bowl flop to show for it). He also knows dick about hockey (or at least comes off that way with his so called flyers coverage), and spends more time wildly and falsely accusing flyers fans of being from another planet then actually analyzing the flyers. and he acts like a bandwagon fan when it comes to the sixers, but touts all the time how he grew up loving basketball.
    The only thing i give him credit for was being a straight shooter. He isnt a complete homer and usually tells it like it is. There was none of the crazy nonsense from the morning show or completely irrelevant rants about movies/food from the mid day show with Howard and Ike. His no-bullshit, over the top attitude was a breath of fresh air from all that crap, which coupled with ike Reese, made his shows bearable. Its his only redeeming quality, but the problem was that he more often then not took it too far and just came off as a complete asshole. I’m glad he’s getting outta there.

  34. Also…am I the only one who generally enjoys the hosts from the later time slots better than the earlier ones on WIP? Replace cataldi, macnow and eskin with Paul jolly, rob cherry, and either Reuben frank/big daddy gram/b-star. Jolly doesn’t have the sex appeal that the others have, but I think hes the most knowledgable host on the station, and always has great commentary.

  35. Morning Show – Cataldi (They’re never going to replace him with that 4yr at $1mil a year contract that he signed in 2010)
    Mid Day – Mac & Mac!!!
    Afternoon – Ant & Ike. They have a good chemestry together when Ant filled in for Eskin.

  36. Eskin didn’t know much. He said things to piss off the public. That was his whole deal. Shock jock for sports. He is kind of like Mt Airy Phil on 97.5fm. When I hear either on the radio I have to change the station. Mt Airy Phil was saying if you move the players foot off the base with your slide that runner is safe, ON A FORCE PLAY. Morons do not know sports……97.5fm certainly has the better radio hosts in just about every time slot. WIP needs to replace Eskin with someone good and I will listen. Anyone know if 94.1fm is moving to another station? One of the few good station left that actually play music…….

  37. I haven’t seen Eskin in a while. He really looks like a scumbag, lol. He looks like the rat coke head in those bad 80’s movies in this pic, lol

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