Rex Grossman is Delusional

2:20 mark:

"We're fine being the sleepers right now. You know, we're just waiting in the wings, ready to take over the NFC East. Nobody's talking about us. That's right where we want to be. You look at us from top to bottom out here, there's a bunch of great players. And we don't need people saying we're the best right now, but when it's all said and done, I really feel like this team's gonna win the East."


Oh OK, Rex. Whatever you say.

To be fair, there’s not much else he can say, though a dose of reality never hurt anybody.

What I’m more interested in here is something I’ve never noticed: Rex Grossman sounds like Rube Baker from Major League. I wonder if he recites Playboy articles every time he drops back to pass? Betsy loves surfing. Boom, touchdown. Or not.

Probably not.

H/T to every angry soul who sent me some version of this quote


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  1. I really couldn’t even make it to the 2:20 mark before I had to turn this off. The whole time (less than a minute, mind you) I couldn’t help but think to myself: “This guy would run through a redwood, pole vault a ship full of naked ladies, and swim through a pile of cum to suck just one dick…and that’s cause he just loves the taste of bifurcated skin in his mouth.”
    Am I the only one who heard the overtly and non-closeted gay just bursting, geyser style, out of this hormonal nancy?

  2. And Tim Tebow is full of himself:
    1-3 in his rookie year in the NFL and he thinks it’s time for a bio book?
    I sorta Go Gator here in the 33139 (shockingly instead of the ‘Canes), but man, there’s something wrong with too many of their QBs. Almost as bad as some former Seminole halfbacks:×10-01_enl.jpg

  3. His comments were taken out of context…what he really said was:
    “We’re fine being the sleepers right now, just completely out cold. You know, we’re just waiting in the wings, ready to take over the NFC East in several decades. Nobody’s talking about us, because were really not important. That’s right where we want to be… And we don’t need people saying we’re the best right now, because let’s face it, we’re not…but when it’s all said and done, I really feel like this team’s gonna win the East, you know after they trade me and some other scrubs and get real NFL talent in here.”

  4. Rex Grossman: A living tribute to why there should be stringent drug testing in pro sports. There’s delusional, and then there’s time to pee in a cup. mark Rex down for the latter.

  5. The running part is actually a pretty small portion of the book. You wouldn’t read it for training tips. In fact, Axelrod took a pretty random, unorganized approach to training. He was out of shape, overweight, drank too much, and hadn’t run since high school when he got the bug. He sought advice from relatives and friends, but he didn’t follow any specific training program. He increased the distance of his runs mostly based on confidence. He stopped and started his running program numerous times over the year leading up to the marathon. He did virtually nothing besides running different distances at the same pace. No intervals, hills, or tempo runs.

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