Sarge Calls the Mets “Crybabies,” Terry Collins Doesn’t Give a Shit

In the sixth inning of today’s game, Mike Pelfrey showed everyone in attendance that he forgot to put on his big girl pants by barking at Placido Polanco for not getting out of the way of a breaking ball. Just moments later, Gary Matthews opined:

"That’s the way you’re supposed to be going into the ball.That’s why these guys lose, anyway though. They’re a bunch of crybabies, most of them. They really are."

After the game, Mets manager Terry Collins was asked about Sarge’s comments. The quote, via Andy McCullough of

“I don't give a [expletive] what he says."


Sprinkle some more wood chips on the resurgent fire.


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  1. Jerk off the ball…oh wait…wrong sound clip.
    He’s right though(for the first time in a long time lol)

  2. Wow…Sarge just lit em up!…Mets Phillies rivalry was dying anyway..but i think Sarge just threw some straws in…let’s reignite this baby up!
    Good stuff Sarge!

  3. He said what everyone was thinking. Don’t know how anyone could find reason in Pelfrey yapping to Polanco.

  4. Well, to give Sarge some creedence, crybabies really do tend to not give a shyte about many things, so Collins just gave us another example.
    Ladies and gentlemen (and Laddie Boy), the “amazing” NY M*ts: bitter crybabies even in victory.

  5. Refreshing to hear him say something candid like that! Damn straight, Sarge! Bullshit behavior like that makes me appreciate our guys even more! You just never see them pull that kind of shit. Course I guess they don’t have to…

  6. While Sarge was saying that, LA was on the radio saying, “Pelfrey, with his 4-10 record, needs to worry about his pitches, not whether or not guys are leaning in to them.” Why can’t these guys be on tv all the time?

  7. Sarge is the only TV guy I can tolerate. He played the game, he’s got decent instincts, and he says what he’s thinking. Wheels and his overblown “I know everything look at me blah blah blah” persona wasn’t more evident than during the unveiling of HK’s statue ceremony, when he was the only noted figure to have to get up out of his chair and wave to everybody – all the other notables simply sat and smiled. He needs to be punched in the ovary.

  8. HEY IBM – Never got to say THANKS for the good wishes on the new baby boy… we very much appreciated the fine wordsmithingness of the emerald isle.

  9. Hey no problem Luke. Just make sure to bring him up right—I couldn’t say how you would do that cause I don’t have the answers—so that L.J. doesn’t become a reform skool poet-warrior flunkie like me—or more importantly that he doesn’t become a drunken-blogging, texting-while-driving menace to society like Laddie Boy Kyle.
    Did L.J. have any more game-winning shats yet? I hope he has many more hahahahah.

  10. Anyone else a little confused as to why the Mets’ manager is being asked about comments from the Phillies’ color commentator who only calls three innings? Glad our sportswriters are hard at work asking the tough questions that everyone is dying to hear answered.

  11. The f#cking nerve of you to put down the Mets! They were the only team that was willing to give you’re garbage playing son (junior) a chance in the majors when no other team would. You’re disdain and jealousy for New York is so evident. As far as Mets fans are concerned & this includes all New Yorkers, you can take you’re statements and shove them up you’re a$$. PS what happened to “your” Phillies? The answer is they suck just like you!

  12. In my opinion, Gary Matthews is a jealous pig, who’s son Gary Jr. Sucks. I am elated that the Phillies finally canned him from his “broadcasting” duties. He is a dumb man with an extremely irritating and ugly voice.

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