The Franchise Features Philly Tonight

In case you needed any more motivation to hate Cody Ross and the Giants, watch at the 2:05 mark when Ross and Co. talk about the floor in the visiting clubhouse still smelling like champagne.

The Franchise airs at 10 P.M. on Showtime.

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14 Responses

  1. Who was that dicklick who said the carpet still smelled like champagne? I’m sure it didn’t. Fuck him.

  2. Cody Rose can wear that uniform, put on that glove or swing that bat. But he’s still nothing more than a juiced-up rodeo clown:
    And I think they get jinxed everytime they do a promo for the show with Wilson going, “You heard it. Mark it down. Repeat.” in that stupid Charlie Sheen affect that he thinks is so amusing:

    Errrr! I think I might fly out to SF for this weekend’s series and get my Wahl out and show him what I think of that beard. I’ll make him be the flinching pussy:

  3. Does anyone besides Giants fans actually watch this shit? I’m gonna guess no, since no one but their fans can stand anyone on that team. Famewhores, reality shows don’t belong in baseball.

  4. Someone tell juiceboy the reason the visiting locker room still smells like champagne is because once a week all the Phils go in there and celebrate the fact they aren’t on some other team.
    Ross and those clowns use their locker room to hang out naked watching Gladiator movies and chasing each other around with greased pepperoni sticks.

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