The LA Kings’ Social Media Guy is Just Asking For it

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27 Responses

  1. No shit. Sort of a hand grenade they are playing with there. Truth is, I think we’re mostly ‘over it’; at least I am. Of course, maybe if Mike was over it he would change his twitter handle.

  2. We’re still feeling the what now? The Phillies have the best record in baseball and the Eagles just pushed all their chips into the middle of the table, that’s pretty much all I’ve had time to focus on. I actually walked by a Flyers Jagr jersey shirt at Franklin Mills the other day and it took me a solid 5 seconds to even remember that we’d signed Jagr.

  3. I still don’t like that he’s gone, but Deezy is right, there’s too much else to focus on in Philly sports. I have a blank Flyers jersey at home that I’m still waiting to get customized. There’s time to decide.

  4. How old are you that one you own a hockey jersey and two that you are getting a jersey customized haha super fan smh

  5. its funny cuz we’re going to end up getting the better end of the deal. how bout those dodgers?

  6. Since when is there an age limit to own a flyers jersey. Have you ever been to a game and looked around at other people?

  7. I love Richie but there’s no sense in crying over spilled milk, Phils and Eagles are looking to shit on everyone and the new-look Flyers’ upcoming season is exciting too.

  8. Grown men should not wear jerseys. Soccer jersey are an only exception. You should get a customized jersey with your last name on it ahhh geek!

  9. Grown men shouldn’t wear jerseys?? Soccer jerseys are only exception? “A”, you are either extremely fucking retarded or a foreigner.
    Blank jerseys are the way to go. Cheaper and never have to worry about the guy getting traded. I’ve rocked the same blank white jersey for almost 3 years now.

  10. Via “But here are my thoughts on jerseys. Basketball, football and hockey jerseys are no dice for grown-ups. Basketball jerseys are meant to be worn without anything on underneath, and the public doesn’t need to see that much skin or arm pit hair. Football and hockey jerseys were meant to be worn with pads, so unless you have a hecukva set of traps, you’re probably not filling out the apparel. In short, you look silly wearing a synthetic nylon top with jeans. The worst offenders are people who dress in suits or slacks and a shirt and head to the NBA arena after work with a jersey on top of their Brooks Brothers oxford.”

  11. Oh, somebody on said it so therefore it is fact. Grown-ups, please throw out your fanhood immediately to conform to csbsports’ wishes.
    Soccer jerseys are cool though, keep them of course.

  12. Get the FUCK out of here. I’ll wear my jerseys until the day I die, and then I’ll be buried in them.
    There’s nothing better than putting on that bright orange/green/white/red sweater and screaming with thousands of others. It’s more than just a piece of clothing. It’s a feeling. A moment of being part of the team and for a brief moment, forgetting that you aren’t on the ice/field with them.

  13. A, congrats on finding an opinion article that backs up your view. Now again, walk into a major sporting event and find people wearing jerseys: men, women, children, old-timers, etc.
    And following the logic of that article, soccer jerseys are meant to be taken off when the game ends. God help us if the crowds suddenly followed that.
    To Bill, blank jerseys are a nice way to go, but I think they look weird for hockey personally. Just my personal feeling.

  14. there’s no better feeling than walking around in a hockey sweater in winter. jerseys are great. just because you dont wear them doesn’t mean you go find one article written by someone in someones basement and act like it’s the 10 commandments. someone must not live in a sports city.
    customized jerseys suck. i’d be embarrassed to wear one. I dont even wear my custom Flyers jersey that our hockey team used with league patches and stuff. Can’t see myself in public with it on.
    blank jerseys are great for hockey and soccer since they do move players a lot quicker than other sports in my opinion.
    Well shit, I just read an article saying the Redskins are going to win the NFC East via ProFootballTalk. I guess “A” is hoping the Eagles get a Wild Card spot.

  15. L, strange to hear you like blanks but won’t wear customs, but everyone has their own preferences. I enjoy customizing with a player that I “know” (so much for that) will be around for several years. I think blanks look fine for baseball and soccer, but out of place in other sports personally.

  16. They say it’s bad form to start out a blog post by apologizing in this way, but here I go anyway: I’ve been so busy with work that I haven’t been doing a very good job with the care and feeding of the blog. I hope someone is still out there reading. Tap-tap, is this on?

  17. “A”, your calling people who wear jersies virgins when you think soccer jerseys are the only acceptable jerseys to wear? Do your parents know your gay? How did your dad take it?
    I have season tickets to the phils, flyers and eagles and the stadiums are packed every game with fans wearing their teams’ jerseys. Take the d out of your A and go back to europe where you belong.

  18. Sure when I am in Tottenham this winter supporting Manchester I will be sure to wear my winter jacket squeezing my Manchester jersey over top of it wait no I won’t because I am not that guy who will look like a jack ass like you do at Eagles games. I’ll dress like an adult and still support my team. Maybe pick up an English chick in the process haaa something you are really not capable of with a Flyers jersey on looking like you have a night gown on about to go to bed. Well good luck with that super fans.

  19. Alright A, we’re the jackasses and children here for sure.
    You go ahead and dress like an adult to a freakin game, I’ll go wear what people wear to games instead. One more time, go to an NHL game. The kids wear jerseys of course. The hot chicks also do. So do the teenagers, 20 year olds, 50 year olds, etc.

  20. Also, let’s be snobbier. It’s a uniform in baseball and football, a sweater in hockey, and a kit in soccer.

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