Video: Cliff Lee Goes Yard (Again)

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Our magical steed was at it again: this time, pissing excellence deep into the LA night.

With a 2-0 count in the top of the seventh, Ted Lilly threw Cliff Lee an 81 MPH changeup, which our pretty pony promptly parked over the right field fence for his second home run of the season.

Incredibly, as you will hear from Scott Franzke and Larry Anderson, Lee pseudo-called his shot getting off the bus before the game. He told LA that he was going be the fourth person to ever hit one out of Dodger Stadium. That wasn’t entirely the case, but he did blast one over the fence just a few hours later. We’re going to say that counts. He also told reporters after the game that he had a bet going with Kyle Kendrick, who now owes The Clifton cash.

It gets better.

Lee has as many home runs against left-handed pitchers (1) as Ryan Howard… and, in going deep last night, he now has a higher home runs per at-bat rate than Jayson Werth. Lee’s two home runs in 53 official at-bats is good for a HR to AB ratio of 1:26.5. Werth’s 13 home runs in 407 at-bats? 1:31. $126 million.

Oh yeah, Lee pitched eight shutout innings, striking out 10 while giving up only four hits and two walks. Hey, Babe Ruth started out as a pitcher.

Video with Franzke’s call and exclusive footage of Lee’s home run, which resembled a certain other blast into the LA night… after the jump.


Somewhere, Matt Stairs is impressed.


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  1. Hey Laddie, you see? When you don’t pickle your mind with the fire water you can stay up late and submit late entries.
    Anyways, the funny thing was that I was thinking to meself right before he went up to bat that “wouldn’t it be nice if Cliff got another HR since he didn’t have to bunt like he did the first time”? Honest I was really thinking that. I swear on me ma, the only woman I truly loved uncondishunly.
    But it really got me heart some angina when Madson let that one run in in the 9th and denied the So. I understand it was a situation where Chuck needed to withdraw his Magic Steed to get some new magic oats for the next start, but I say if your pitcher is going to get the game winning HR, then he should be the one to decide to call it a night (even if he let a lead-off walk in the 8th). That should be the rule.
    PS: To Wheels: Happy Belated Birthday, Kid, and Many Happy Returns. Maybe someday he’ll be as old as me. Hahahahahahah

  2. Look at you putting in work late at night! Go ahead with your pony ass self! I’m on the left coast, so I got to see this thing of beauty in primetime, not sacrificing sleep or work-ability like the rest of you east coast minions displaying your unabided fellowship to Philly nation and bucking the tide of normalcy and bedtimes a la corporate America (yeah, get some on that run-on sentence). Way to go Kyle, bloggers have no limits, no domains that can’t be broken, no spouses who can’t be denied, no articles that can’t be written!!! Like the Phils, GET SOME MOFO!
    Great game by BOOM, I’ll take the odds that he does it again by the end of the regular season.

  3. @ Blue, someone needs to lay off the bennies. And WTF’s the “left coast”? Is that some sort of Communist seaside resort? If McCarthy was still alive he’d probably blacklist your kind from the Internets, not that there is anything right with that.
    PS: I love Chooch’s move’s in the dugout. What’s that gesture supposd to be? Could he be trying fling off all that Piss of Excellence from our Magic Steed?:

  4. Looks like Uncle Charlie’s got a new toy to play with in pinch hitting situations. That Cliff Lee truly can do it all!

  5. How do you not vote as Philly’s best blog when you get to work, log on, and the first seven words you read are “Our magical steed was at it again:?”
    It’s gold Jerry. Gold!

  6. hahahahahahahaaa, “think lilly’s concerned cause this is his third time up?” “Thaaat’s right”
    Hand me that there writing utensil, I got something to put in the W collumn.

  7. Wait a moment…
    Magic Steed or Golden God?
    How bout “The Golden God of All Magic Steeds Pissing Excellence”?
    Somebody get the graphicks dept kids on that one toot sweet!
    (Nightie-nite, Laddie, “for realsies” this time hahahahahahah)

  8. When Roy Oswalt is your worst pitcher in a 5 man rotation, and Cliff Lee goes yard, almost shutting out the Dodgers after throwing a CG his outing before, and you’ve only lost 1 game since acquiring Hunter “The Majestically Winged Pegasus–Let’s Go Eat” Pence, and and and….well, it’s a great phucking time to be a Phillies phan.

  9. How come in the second clip (McCarthy’s call) the video of the ball flying out is a different home run from a Fox broadcast of a different game?

  10. BOOM in my pants cliff lee is amazing….i can’t stop jacking it to this highlite which is not weird because its clifton….sidenote i do lower the volume when mccarthy comes on because if not it becomes gay
    @dan he sync the video with matt stairs 08 nlcs mooon shot home run which is awesome if your a phils fan you should reconize that homer immediatley

  11. I was pissed when Lee was traded to the Mariners, never mind the prize. I believed Reuben could have gotten Roy without giving up the Cliffster. These kinds of performances are why. Reuben has been back in my good graces since re-signing Lee this past off-season. There is just no one like Cliff Lee … Well maybe Halladay but he’s ours too!
    Go Phils!

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