Video: Eagles Cheerleader Eats Cupcakes in Her Underwear

Eagles cheerleader Stephanie Smith was featured today on Esquire's Me in My Place: A series of intimate moments with beautiful women. Intimate moments… like eating cupcakes in her underwear and spontaneously rolling around her bed in an Eagles cheerleader outfit. This video confirms everything we thought we knew about what cheerleaders do in their spare time. I was half-expecting her to stand in front of the mirror and stare at herself for about seven-to-nine minutes, because they do that, right? Right?!

Anyway, Goooo Monday!

Butt slap to Bleeding Green Nation for the link

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22 Responses

  1. Chicks in lingerie and now half naked cheerleaders? This is making for a very difficult day at work for me, Kyle.

  2. Kyle, when you show me a picture of Shady rolling around on his bed, in his underwear, eating a muffin or cupcake or ANYTHING, I’ll be your best friend FOREVER!!!

  3. I thought the same thing too Timpie, but with Laddies Boy you always have to go back and read twice or thrice. He should have written “Eagles Cheerleader Eats Cupcakes Dressed in Her Underwear” or “Wearing Only Her Underwear, Eagles Cheerleader Eats Cupcakes”. He’s got too much on his alcohol pickled mind lately, what t=with all the aftermath of the recent natural events.

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