Video: Jeffrey Lurie’s STATE OF THE TEAM Address


Not surprisingly, the only time Lurie shifted his hands in the 22 minute press conference was when he was asked about competing with the Phillies. The lie detector just started scribbling like an arthritic person trying to write out a check.

Since the Eagles still won't let websites embed video – which they could serve ads on – the way the NHL and MLB sort of does now, here's a link to Lurie's annual press conference.

I actually enjoy listening to Lurie. He's a smart businessman and his documentary, Inside Job, was excellent.


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  1. the only person working for the eagles who has a problem with the phillies is that turd dave spadaro. I wish they will fire that guy.

  2. The Eagles always spent money, but they were conservative. They were also one of the best teams of the 00’s. Unfortunately, they were never able to consummate their potential with a Super Bowl win.
    This is the same management for the most part. I’m sure that their big signings were just a matter of circumstance more than anything, much like the Cliff Lee deal. That circumstance is greatly helped by a winning culture and fantastic sports environment in our city.
    Oh, and in Kristen Lee’s case, our relatively robust rail system certainly helps too.

  3. +1000 internets for the imagery conjured by “The lie detectorjust started scribbling like an arthritic person trying to write out a check.”

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