Vote for Crossing Broad as Philly’s Best Sports Blog

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A few weeks ago, I posted a link to nominate CB for CBS Philly's Blog Awards. Today, they released the finalists… like 900 blogs. You know what to do.

Here's a link to vote for us. You just have to click a button. You can vote once per day up until the conclusion of voting on September 9th. Help us win!

As always, your support is appreciated. 

Vote here.


13 Responses

  1. even though you wrote about soccer the other day (just giving you shit), i still voted for you.

  2. Voted for Delaware Surf Fishing. Nah….voted for crossing broad. You need to create some cool shirts for the website.

  3. Shirts- on the way.
    And yeah, if I win, you’ll get a really embarrassing kyle story. Deal?

  4. have 4 browsers on my computer, two have private browsing, aka propensity to vote 6 times in one day <3

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