Vote For Philly in Today’s Sports Nation Poll

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Rarely will we ever encourage you to to take part in a nonsensical ESPN poll, but since I hate every single thing about Boston fans and because we're going to play them in the World Series, the last thing I want to see is them have even more fodder for annoying us. So, um, vote. Philly is losing by a few ticks.

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19 Responses

  1. Im on board with philly, obviously, but with our one championship in my lifetime (and I’m not 3 years old), we might want to bow out of this one.

  2. That article “defending” Philadelphia was essentially one huge backhanded compliment. Even when they’re praising us, they’re still bashing us.

  3. Im a Philly die hard fan AND a realist. After we win some championships we can debate this point. Until then Boston wins. Philly teams have consistently been unable to close out championships despite being good enough to win. All the pieces are in place for the 3 teams – now its time to execute and WIN!

  4. The funny part about the Boston article is
    “If you want numbers, you can have them, too. Here’s one: It’s been 11 years since the last year there wasn’t a playoff game in the greater Boston area.
    How many cities can say that? Let me help you — not yours.”
    Actually that number for Philly is 17 (1994). Way to do some solid research bud.

  5. @Luke – I hear you on that, I’m 22 and have only experienced one parade in my lifetime. However, the fact that for the 19 years leading up to that championship, we were just as enthusiastic and passionate, shows all you need to see. Whether it be for the Phillies, the Eagles, the Sixers, or The Flyers, win or lose, we’re crazy about them. Philly = best damn sports city in the world.

  6. Well the article talks about lack of sixers attendance and I couldn’t agree more. BUT Philadelphia has the Big 5, the only “mini-conference” in college basketball in the country. Boston has nothing like it. I also argue that is why the sixers will never be a popular team here in Philly. If i have a certain amount of money allocated towards sports teams in Philadelphia-area, and for basketball I have to choose between the Sixers and Villanova (where I graduated), I will choose the ‘Nova everytime. Often time alumns of St. Joes, LaSalle, Temple, and Penn feel the same way.
    But I would say the rich history of college basketball puts us above Boston, between ‘Nova’s recent Final Four appearance to St. Joe’s perfect season* (*They lost twice that year, hate, hate, hate), LaSalle’s three players of the year, and the heated rivalry across the city. Boston would never have that.

  7. Both of those articles were terrible. I almost wish I didn’t vote because those two writers are just terrible.

  8. @stephen, i know i am late to the party, but to piggy back on your comment, we go all the way back to 1994 for most consecutive years with one playoff team(at least) but the truly sick stat is that 1994 is the ONLY year that from 1973-2010 that one of our big 4 didnt make it! so thats what 36/37… not too fucking bad!

  9. As a Philly native who goes to school in Boston, I can attest to how terrible they are up there. They think Boston deserves to win because they care so much and because they had to go through so many years with the Red Sox losing.

  10. Always pissed me off they had ESPN Dallas and not Philly. Perhaps this will get ESPN to realize their mistake.

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