UPDATE: WIP to Take Over WYSP, Barkann to Join Lineup

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Credit to Dan Gross of Philly.com, he has been all over this story. Two weeks ago, he reported this was a possibility, and now we learn that Angelo Cataldi will make an announcement this morning about the future of WIP, WYSP, and, by extension, Philly sports radio: [Philly.com]

Expect 610 WIP's Angelo Cataldi to announce what we reported two weeks ago, that the sports talk station will take over the FM signal of 94 WYSP on Sept. 6.

We hear the announcement will come toward the end of Thursday's morning show and that Cataldi will also reveal the new line-up for WIP, including who will take over the 3 to 7 shift that Howard Eskin is leaving, and additional changes.


Cataldi told listeners he will make the announcement at 9:30 A.M.

This is a big deal. WYSP has been on the air for almost 40 years- August 23rd, 1971, to be exact. Taking over an FM signal will allow WIP to compete directly with 97.5 The Fanatic, who in just a few short years has gone from a long shot to leader. Crazy.

On Monday, Gross and our friends over at Philly Sports Central reported the news of Eskin's departure.

We'll have an update at 9:30, when Cataldi announces the updates. 

UPDATE: Gross now reports Michael Barkann will be on from 10-1 with Ike Reese. Gargano and Macnow from 1-6. I'm hearing the same.


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  1. Wow! This is sure something. I remember the very first time I tuned to WIP was way back in 1992 when the Flyers announced the blockbuster trade for Eric Lindros, and I’ve been a regular listener ever since. I’ll readily admit I don’t have a clue as to how the ratings side of radio works, but I suppose that moving to the FM dial makes sense for WIP, in any event, I hope the station succeeds.

  2. It’s not about the singnal. It’s bout the same old tired bs that is Wip. Horse face hughs has to go I hate her laugh and what does she really bring to the table besides sandbags. Cataldi is an outdated stern wanna be. And he is like the creepy old perv who stares at little girls. Now Ike blows and ftgano and Lil ant coe onam. He used to b good now he is just a fraud. Go eat a Primos Hoagie fat ass! Since eskim is leaving I’ll give that jackass a pardon he’s a dead man walking. Try talking sports and getting interesting people and don’t make up shit and people will come back it’s pretty simple

  3. According to reports, Comcast TV personality Michael Barkann will pair with Ike Reese to broadcast from 10 a.m-1 p.m. Anthony Gargano and Glen Macnow will be on the air from 1 p.m.-6 p.m.

  4. Fm signal will not change or improve old stogy dusty programming that has failed to stay relevant and current. Huge feather in 97.5 the Fanatic’s cap! They took down YSP AND WIP in a few short years!

  5. Terrible move. Music belongs on FM, talk radio can survive on AM. 97.5 got a few extra listeners with the novelty of talk on FM in the area, but people now listen to it because the talk is more exciting. It’s not Eagles 24/7 like WIP has been. Even without Eskin, there’s too much stupid on WIP.
    WYSP was actually a decent station. Shame.

  6. Howard Stern is saying that he was the first one to report that this change was happening…he is so terrible thinks he knows everything but in reality just steals stuff from people who acctually do the work

  7. He was saying how that because of him that this is the reason why wysp is changing to sports

  8. I am not even listening for the “big” announcement. Either way, WIP is finished. The Fanatic is going to take over. Andy Bloom and Rayfield are shitting their pants right now.

  9. I can’t understand why people don’t like this move. I can’t wait to finally be able to listen to games on FM, IN THE YEAR 2011. This move is about 20 years overdue.

  10. First we lose 97.5 The Hawk to sports radio and now WYSP? Come on, with all the terrible stations on the air, is it really necessary to take down one of the two rock stations in the area?

  11. Games? Phillies games are still on AM. Eagles games have been on FM for years. No one listens to the Sixers. Only games that will move from AM to FM that I care about personally will be the Flyers, but that happens to be just about the most difficult sport to listen to on the radio. Need to watch those games anyway.

  12. WYSP was horrible. It played the same 20 songs repeatedly consisting of Def Leppard, AC/DC, Ozzy/Sabbath, Motley, Van Halen, Poison.
    Where will people get life-changing advice from, now that the alcoholic, drug addict, divorcee has-been Bonadoushbag can’t give it to the idiots who call with real problems thinking he’s the man to help them?

  13. Wip should just clear house. I can’t take the morning team & the midday show. Seems like everytime i tone into that pompous mother fucker macnow hes talking about his fav burger or the cuz talking up lil ant. Silent bro, Hipster Dave, & turtle are a pussies too. Take that Bo

  14. Friggen awful. The worst part is that I was actually excited. What they should have done, if they had any brains over there at all, was thrown the house at Bruno after Bruno left the Fanatic and locked him up for 2-6 slot and go head to head to Mikey Miss. That would have been the shit! But no, they put horrible Macnow on the afternoon drive slot? Terrible. Sticking to the Fanatic for awhile now…

  15. Less talk about movies and food (and the god awful wing bowl). More talk about sports! That’s why I don’t listen to wip anymore. I want them to talk about sports on my sports talk. Also hosts who don’t constantly insult the callers is nice too.

  16. Wip would drive me crazy when they would talk about things like best cheessteaks, politics or greatest movies. They could also do without events like play days & worlds biggest bubble baths. Who wants to listen to a bunch of grown men play games & whores in bubbles. Awful

  17. I would prefer the Tossed Salad Man over Barkan and Reese for 3 hours!
    Mikey Miss should be holding a funeral for Eskin the way Stern did for DeBella. Then, in a few years, have Eskin go on Missanelli’s show to beg for a job! Only this time, have Missanelli poll the people and have each caller end with “dope” or “nitwit” when they say no.

  18. Andrew, you’re a moron. If Howard Stern wasn’t chased off terrestreal radio, he’d still be sinduhcated-simullcasted on YSP and they’d still have some sort of rock/pop/contemperary music format. It’s not any coincidence that they’re formally making this announcement on the 25th anniversary of his first sinduhcated-simullcasted broadcast on YSP. If you actually REALLY listened to his Sirius show today. You’d know this.
    In the age of the Ipod and Satellite radios (Sirius, Katy Vorag, has 20 million people—that’s hardly “no one”) of the Music Terrestreal Radio as an industry is dead. The only way FM will work is for local current events (community news and sports). I think the government should shorten some of the bandwidth so some if it can be used for new wireless tech, whether it be for public or restricted to national denfense.

  19. If you go to Scranton and Wildwood they air Phillies games on the FM dial.
    How does the main Philly area not have Phillies games on FM? Make it happen WIP/WYSP

  20. Wysp tried this same crap some years ago and didn’t work then, what makes them think it will work better now??

  21. what are we, like the 5th largest city in the country? yet we have the worst selection of stations on fm radio, little variety, lot of crap. philly radio is pathetic compared to other markets. moving these dusty old farts to 94 is just inept management, i give it 2 years tops.

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