Writer of White Vick Story Calls Picture “Horrific” and “Misguided”

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So the guy who wrote about white Mike Vick (an article that made a lot of good points which were lost thanks to ESPN's decision to run a Photoshop of a white Vick) opined on the image on CNN.com:

This is what I set out to discuss in my Vick article. I also wanted to discuss some of my football observations, but ESPN was less interested in that, perhaps rightly so. As is typical in the magazine business, a writer hands in his copy and then it goes through an editing process. We knew it was a complex piece and worked on it very carefully, wanting to get it right, not wanting to offend. But the writer does not have a say in the title or the artwork that goes with a piece. I've been writing for magazines and newspapers for almost 20 years and I can't recall ever being asked about or even knowing about the title and the art surrounding my stories. That is not considered the magazine writer's purview. So I had no knowledge of or say in the title of the story and the horrific, misguided picture of Vick in whiteface, which dismayed and disgusted me when I saw it.


And that's what happens when the left hand doesn't talk to the right hand. Ironically, this has happened to Toure before:

In the book world you title your books, but you have no say in the book cover. In my first book, a collection of short stories called "The Portable Promised Land," I wrote a short story about a basketball player with Air Jordans that let him fly short distances. He was named Falcon Malone.

When I got my finished book cover there was a painted image of a man with what looked like a chicken on his shoulder. I asked my editor why there was a chicken on his shoulder. He said that was supposed to be a falcon. I said, "But there are no flying birds of any sort in any of these stories. I wrote about a man nicknamed Falcon." He shrugged.


…which brings up an interesting question: What if Michael Vick were a Falcon?

Screen Shot 2011-08-29 at 10.14.15 AM

Oh. Well that's not so interesting.

Read the full article, which includes a response from ESPN editors, right… hither. Deadspin has a bunch of ESPN What Ifs here

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  1. White Michael Vick looks like Kevin Federline.
    K-Fed is just a hipster who grew up near a basketball court. (+10 to whoever gets the reference)

  2. Good this race shit is getting old…how about all the black guys knocking up white girls, if it was the other way around the brothers would be crying up a storm….by the way I like to bang Asians

  3. Dice, it don’t matter to me. It’s all pink inside.
    But as per usual when paying, I do prefer freckled red-heads (hopefully with emerald green eyes)—when I can get them. I guess that’s due to me Irish geens.

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