YOU Can Give DeSean Jackson a 100 Speed Rating in Madden

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And only YOU can prevent forest fires, but that's not what we're here to talk about (plus, this is now two consecutive posts mentioning Tony the Tiger and Smokey Bear- both of whom apparently had the same voice).

Beginning Monday on SportsNation, the show that features the glorious Michelle Beadle, you will have the opportunity to vote on which players receive 100 ratings in specific categories in Madden. On Tuesday, LeSean McCoy is in the running for "elusiveness." Eh. And on Friday, DeSean Jackson is up for a 100 rating in "speed," which is always the one attribute players complain about.

Throw Accuracy
Aug. 24
Hit Power
Aug. 25
Spectacular Catch
Aug. 26
Tom Brady Jamaal Charles Ray Lewis Braylon Edwards Chris Johnson
Peyton Manning Adrian Peterson James Harrison Brandon Lloyd DeSean Jackson
Drew Brees Danny Woodhead Patrick Willis Larry Fitzgerald Jamaal Charles
Aaron Rodgers LeSean McCoy Rey Maualuga Calvin Johnson Devin Hester
Philip Rivers Ray Rice Clay Matthews Dez Bryant Jacoby Ford

Mark your calendars for Friday to vote for D-Jac. If he wins, my dream to take over the EA Sports network with the 2011 Eagles will be one step closer to reality. The Eagles are already approaching unstoppable (also known as the the NHLPA '93 Penguins). Having Vick at QB – for any team – already makes them the best offense in the game, add in the fastest player at wide receiver, a number of other suitable options, and a defense that allows you to bring the house while your corners shutdown the wide outs… and, well, you have yourself a winner. Plus, if D-Jac gets a 100 speed rating, we'll get to find out if his head gets any bigger.

If one of you talk bad about Michelle Beadle in the comments, our writer-reader relationship is over. Finished.


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  1. Braylon Edwards? Is that a joke? I bet he leads the NFL in drops in the last 5 years and I don’t even think 2nd place would be close.

  2. yea, Bray Bray has to be a joke.
    along with woodhead… can’t believe he is even getting a mention.

  3. This is obligatory post bad mouthing beadle. WTF is everyone hyped on with this chick. Shes alright but annoying as fuck which makes her busted. Erin Andrews however is a dime and has the journalist creds to match. Beadle is a jealous sally-come-lately who wants to steal andrews spotlight. not happening beadle. you are run of the mill

  4. hahahahah saucy sailor didn’t know it but her got sloppy seconds. Actually he got tattered thirds, filthy fourths, frowzy fifths, soiled sixthses, etc. hahahahahahah

  5. DeSean SHOULD have a 100 speed rating. The guy runs by people like he’s standing still. Him and CJ2K should have a 100 rating.
    I work people in last years Madden with the Eagles and their defense is HORRIBLE. Can’t wait to just obliterate people on 12′.
    Yeah Braylon Edwards? What in the blue hell is that? Roddy White or Greg Jennings…hell even Santonio Holmes but Braylon? Bleh.
    Oh yeah and Danny Woodhead…he’s about as elusive as a tranquilized elephant. Exhibit A below.


  6. Outside of QB there is a WTF nomination in every category. Some intern thinks he/she is hilarious.
    I just voted for Braylon Edwards hehehe.
    He f#$%ing won!?

  7. I’d be more excited if Madden 11 wasn’t a complete pile of shit compared to NCAA Football 2011.

  8. Dez Bryant
    Brandon Llyod
    And Braylon … All don’t belong Nicks Roddy White and then arguments could be made for Holmes over his teammate from last yr Braylon and Miles Austin over Dez that catergory is a joke

  9. I’ve had Eagles season tickets for 12 years, and have seen pretty much every elite player in the league over that span, and Jackson is the fastest player I’ve ever seen. He is on a different level than every other player on the field.

  10. brady, charles, willis, fitz, desean. and michelle beadle is indeed a piece of ace, but she lacks any and all dignity because matthew barnaby stuffed her.

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