As always, our friends at Drinker’s Philadelphia sponsor this segment. Last night, we had our monthly quizzo event. In Dykstra’s Defense narrowly edged out Schmidt Happens and Hey Kolb, How’s My Asomugha Taste?

I must say, my heart is warmed a bit. When asked the bonus question, What animal is Cliff Lee routinely compared to on Crossing Broad?, 9 of the 14 teams submitted the following answers, all of which were acceptable: steed, unicorn, steed (valiant), unicorn, unicorn pissing excellence, unicorn, steed pissing excellence, unicorn, and pony pissing excellence. I love you all.

One person wrote in jungle cat, which I seriously thought about accepting, but upon further review, Cliff Lee does not lick himself, so we couldn’t go there.

A good time was had by all. Let’s choose.

More excited for: This is like asking someone to choose which child they want to sacrifice. The Eagles have gone out and built one of the best teams – on paper – in recent memory. The Phillies are already in the midst of perhaps their best season ever. Which way to go?


Howie Roseman is stockpiling talent like one of those weirdos with canned beans just before Y2K. However, the Birds have yet to even fully assemble their pieces, whereas the Phillies are constructed like one of those beautiful electronic Star Wars “Death Star” Lego sets you always see in the mall around Christmas time. Everything is just perfectly pieced together and moving in loving harmony. This has a chance to be a very, very special October. Funner, if you will.

Better celebration: The Chooch antler thing was originally – I thought – put in place to mock the Mets. Lee’s nose thing is weird, but delightfully quirky. Normally, it would be tough to chose anything that resembles a fad (the Rangers did the antlers last year, too), but when Chooch does stuff, it’s just, um, endearing. Chooch’s antlers.

Crossing Broads: UPDATE: Reader (@Bitchadelphia) informs us that this is actually Jenna from Survivor, whom you can find naked in Playboy. Um, yeah. That pretty much validates the choice.

Crossing Broads again: Headlights.

Crossing Bros: Cole wins this night. His charity got the money, and I might just go buy his shirt. Sorry, Cliff. Next time.

Steve Smith: Bust, relatively. He’s coming off very serious microfracture surgery. It bodes well that the Giants are so butt-hurt to lose him- however, he’s had a number of injury problems of late and is no guarantee to be back to normal, even once he’s healed. I think he’ll contribute, but not to the extent we think.

Today’s Drinker’s challenge:

How many hits does Jayson Werth get this weekend against the Phillies? Enter below, the winner gets a TBD prize of monetary value to Drinker’s.