Your Drinker’s Philadelphia CB Six Pack

As always, our fine friends at Drinker’s Philadelphia sponsor our Six Pack. Every Phillies game, $1 hot dogs. I’ll be hosting a Phillies quizzo next Thursday night at 8 P.M. at Drinker’s Tavern. Stay tuned for more details.

Better acquisition: This is a really tough question because there are so many variables. Nnamdi is the better all-around player at his sport, but 22-25 guys impact a football game, only 9-12 impact a baseball game (including relievers). Further, you can argue that Pence not only makes the Phillies much better because of his talent, but he also makes those around him better (Howard, Utley, Ibanez). That’s a big deal. 

Given the fact that the Phillies are in the midst of quite possibly their greatest season ever, and they just got better, you have to give Pence the nod. At least for now.

I’m not calling him the better player, though.

Bigger douche: One guy wears white Hamburglar gloves, has a centaur painting of himself above his bed, took steroids, and gambles illegally. The other is a pussy fashionista who wears knickers and shoves cops. Taunts them too, apparently- calling them “fat little pigs.”

At least A-Rod is good at his sport. Avery wins in a landslide.

Flyin’ Hawaiian: In case you don’t follow along on Twitter (what are you waiting for?), know that I am currently in the midst of a full-fledged Dole Pineapple Juice binge and have come up with a locally modified version of the Flyin’ Hawaiian. It’s simple, really: Captain and pineapple or Absolut and pineapple. Both are delicious. Both are refreshing.

I always go Captain.

Funny story: Last night, after purchasing my seventh six pack of Dole Pineapple Juice in four days (no, really), I Tweeted a picture of the coupon I was given at Giant. In a social media savvy move, the Dole folks retweeted my picture – which included the hashtag #flyinhawaiian – and wished me a good trip: Screen Shot 2011-08-05 at 12.42.47 PM

Yeah, they missed the point. Good juice, though.

Crossing Broads: I’m really sorry for that horrible pun, it’s Friday and I’ve written about 20,000 words this week. Holly Hunter. Only because she was naked in 1993’s The Piano.

Crossing Bros: The man crush meter for both is beyond acceptable. I… I can’t choose.

Playoffs: As of now, Braves. I’ll wait to see what they do against the Giants this weekend. We’re off to a good start.


This week’s Drinker’s challenge: Guess the combined number of strikeouts for Phillies starters – not including Lee – this weekend against the Giants. Winner gets a kickass, monetary value prize to Drinker’s.

Enter after the jump.


18 Responses

  1. Better acquisition? Right now, that’s definitely Mr. “Let’s Go Eat”! Hunter’s already paid instant dividends, meanwhile, we have to wait until September to see what Nnamdi does.
    As for the Cretin Face-Off, clearly A-Roid’s ego is off the scale from that painting, but Avery wins for taunting cops. Seriously bad form.

  2. Nobody ever beats CLIFF !!!!!!!!!!
    I chose the sixpence none the richer broad and immediately decided i was gay

  3. I’m gonna throw my prediction out there for all to see. Mainly because I can’t brag about it if it’s not etched in stone (and no one will remember if it’s not right!).
    Worley gets 5 in 7 innings.
    Hamels gets 9 in 8.
    Oswalt gets 4 in 6.
    18 total for the win.

  4. Wait… how can I submit an answer with just me first name and last name? no email address??? what if i win?

  5. I think it would be hilarious if you started or ended your crossing bro segment with “no homo”

  6. “Yo Iron Balls… you’re pretty obsessed.”
    With panocha? SI. I’m obbsesed with it.
    Pussy, pussy, pussy! White pussy, black pussy, Spanish pussy, yellow pussy… Hot pussy, cold pussy, wet pussy… [sniff, sniff] smelly pussy, hairy pussy, bloody pussy… snaping pussy, silky pussy, velvet pussy… Even naugahyde pussy.

  7. Well I love what Vance is doing, but I thought that last strikeout pitch that just happened was a bit outside. I’ll take it though. He is at 6K in 7 and my prediction was 5 in 7. (Phillies > my predictions for blog contest). Was about to say “103 pitches, is he done?” but they just showed him shaking hands and leaving. One off. Not bad.

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