Your Morning Wood: Poor Reds Edition

Screen Shot 2011-08-31 at 9.07.34 AMTubby McHoolihan made the little girl cry

Bit of an abbreviated Wood today, as we’re working some things to take us into what proves to be a very busy September and October.

It must really suck to be the Reds right now. A couple months ago, I wrote about the Phillies' dominance of the Tiny Red Machine, and it has continued this week: a late-innings win on Monday and a drubbing last night. Give it a read, chronicling two years of Reds dominance.

Doc dominated in the Phillies 9-0 victory. After the game, Cole Hamels tried to tweak the robot:

Screen Shot 2011-08-31 at 9.11.19 AM


Here’s Doc talking about the win (sans Cole’s comment): [via David Hale]

Ryan Howard went yard twice. He now has 29 home runs and his sixth straight 100 RBI season. Somewhere, a SABR nerd is slowly dying in a pool of Monster Energy Drinks and mom’s Mac and Cheese. Poor guy. Video (of the home runs, not SABR death) here and here.

I'd also like to point out that every pitcher the Reds threw out there last night looked like they just came from playing in a men's league hockey game. Really with the faux-mullets guys? Really?

Big news! Not really… the Phillies added John Bowker from the Pirates late last night: [Philly Sports Daily]

Bowker has limited experience in the majors with a .237 average to go with 17 homers in 561 at-bats. For his career as a pinch-hitter, which is the role in which the Phillies would need such a bat, Bowker has hit .301 with six extra-base hits in 73 appearances as a substitute batter in the bigs.



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19 Responses

  1. The guy trying to catch that ball is a douche…. notice the son with him wearing Detroit gear…. double douche! and the blonde needs a boob job and a few good meals…

  2. I like how that guys just sits there and doesn’t say anything to the girl or her mom. Also, the mom is all smiles until she’s like.. “oh shit, where’d my daughter go??”

  3. No video of hamels?? Slackin… Also did anyone notice the other night on CSN Sportsnite(rise) at 1am after the phils game they were interviewing cole and john mayberry walked up to his locker butt ass naked right behind cole in perfect view of the shot. I was cracking the fuck up, Late night CSN haha

  4. “Tubby McHoolihan made the little girl cry”
    Hahahahahah if Tubby McHoolihan was across the river in KY-jelly-land he’d be arrested for child molestation (unless it was a relative) hahahahah.
    And forget that blonde. She tips the velvet, and that brunette to her left is the strap-on wearing butch. Plus with those glasses she reminds me of Stu’s sailor-humping—I stand corrected, bartender-humping—bitch of a GF in Hangover:

    But did you see those fun-bags on that dye-jobbed red-head to Butch’s left? OK she’s packed on a few too much grits in the guts, but Iron Balls would definitely give her a rusty pearl necklace hahahahah.

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