This post should be called: Things that used to be good.

In case you needed any more evidence of why Philly fans never took to McNabb the way we already have to a guy like, say, Hunter Pence, I offer you up these quotes from McChunkerson:

"I was there for 11 years, and the biggest thing we brought in was T.O. [Terrell Owens]," said McNabb. "Now they’re getting the so-called 'Dream Team.' It’s amazing, but I look back on my career and what they’re doing now … that’s great; that’s excellent. But you’re seeing another side. You’re seeing Andy (coach Andy Reid) taking that chance. It’s not just taking that chance on one guy. They’re taking a chance on a bunch of guys. And they’re spending money. That’s amazing. Ever since the lockout [ended], teams have to spend money."


McNabb winds up complimenting the Eagles in this CBS Sports blog, but, once again, he does so in the backhanded compliment sort of way that only Former Five could: I was there for 11 years, and the biggest thing we brought in was T.O.

He failed to finish that sentence by saying: and he got us to within one touchdown of winning it but I choked. Quite possibly literally.

Go screw.

Howie Roseman still has his life set to video game and offered Randy Moss a contract: [Pro Football Talk]

First, Karen Guregian of the Herald reports that the Eagles made an offer to Moss following his retirement.  That’s a big one, since we’re convinced the Eagles are one of the few teams for which Moss would play.  Without knowing the amount of the offer or the Eagles’ plans for Moss, it’s hard to know whether he’d be interested.


Moss did, however, file retirement papers, so it looks like he won’t accept said offer… but still… Howie… you’re a madman. I wouldn't be surprised if he offered Moss the money in straight-up cash, homey.

Word is 1993 Emmit Smith in Madden is unavailable, but Roseman hasn't ruled anything out.

[UPDATE: Grilled Reuben Frank would like us to stop with this "Randy Moss nonsense." He says the Eagles never offered him a contract. That is in direct contrast to the report from the Boston Herald reporter. Believe who you will.]

From CBS Washington:

Snider claims last year at this time Skins would get between 1,500 and 2,000 fans to watch practice.  Now, there’s only a couple hundred.

He also thinks the lockout had a lot to do with the lack of turnout.

“The lockout ended and people really weren’t quite positive when practices were and, you know, have to get off work.  So now they’re knowing after yesterday’s, everybody going  ’Where  are you?” They kind of said, “I guess we can go now.”


No, no, it’s the team.

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