A Night Out With Faux Vince Young

Vince_youngReal Vince Young. We think.

Ever wonder what it would be like to chill with faux Vince Young? John, a marketing manager at Toni Roni’s, explained to Jon Marks and Sean Brace what it was like to hang with Stephan Pittman, the Maryland man who was arrested yesterday for impersonating the Eagles’ backup quarterback.

FVY told John – on Facebook – that he was looking for a place in Philly to hang out where “black guys could get young white girls.” That place, apparently, was the Bayou in Manayunk:

He says he was at Bayou. So we walk in and you could clearly see him in the back, it’s a six-foot-five, 250 pound black guy… in Manayunk. We see him in the back, he looks over, and I hear my friends behind me, “that’s not Vince Young.”

Right away they know, I was kind of still looking. He was by himself and we brought that up. We saw him on Facebook, tagging himself at St. Joes University and Sesame Place. He puts under it: “All these kids fighting over my autograph, no way this is the city of brotherly love.” All of this crazy stuff, asking me what to do in Langhorne, because a couple of his teammates live up there and stuff. 

He buys us all a round. I’m asking him a bunch of questions about Texas. I have an idea that it’s not Vince Young, but I want to believe, because he’s not stopping buying us drinks…


Red flag number one: Dream Team don't do Bayou.

Red flag number two: Sesame Place.

Red flag number three: No one wants Vince Young’s (real or fake) autograph.

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