Chase Utley Not Making Trip With Team, May Have Mild Concussion

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Uh oh. Just what was not needed. 

For the second year in a row, the Braves came into Citizens Bank Park in contention in September, and, for the second year in a row, they got swept. Of course, that fact is tempered a bit by the news on Chase Utley, who was hit in the back of the head by Eric O'Flaherty in the sixth inning.

Utley very clearly asked umpire Jerry Meals "what happened." I've never been hit in the back of the head with a 91 mph fastball, but I'd imagine if you don't know what happened, that's not good.

Charlie Manuel told reporters Utley had “headaches” and “was alright in the dugout after until he went on the field and was standing up.”

Also not good.

Ruben Amaro said Utley would be out at least two games and, without calling it a concussion, said the medical staff think it’s minor. 

Utley didn’t make the trip to Milwaukee with the team and will be evaluated tomorrow.

Not good. Not good at all.

Big thanks to Mandy Housenick (@inthephilshouse) and Philly Sports Daily's Jim McCormick (@JMacPhillies) for their Tweeting excellence tonight. Must follows for Phillies fans.


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  1. Pissed about the ruling on the field (which was correct in the end)? Fine.
    Throw at a human beings head? Not [email protected] cool at all.
    Under no circumstances should that pitch to the head go unaddressed by MLB. The pitcher in question is too [email protected] good to be missing so far as to headhunt. If the umpire didn’t take action immediately to warn bench/eject, it was probably because Chase Utley just asked him what happened, and was just as shocked as he was.

  2. He wasn’t trying to hit Chase Utley in the head… calm down people. Like he wanted to load the bases for Ryan Howard. He was trying to throw a fastball up and in to Utley. McCann asked Chase if he was alright.
    I don’t like it any more than you guys do, but think rationally. There’s no need for any penalties for the pitcher. Maybe hit one of their guys, but there’s no reason to be angry about it.

  3. I’m mainly talking about Benjamin and fans like him who think it was intentional. (It clearly wasn’t).
    And btw… Cliff Lee hit Sammy Sosa and Ken Griffey Jr, among others in the head when he was with Cleveland… So if he can make a mistake like that, so can any pitcher.

  4. This is scary stuff for the Phillies. I am not 100% confident in JRoll’s health, and now this, which we could only pray doesn’t last more than a few days. Any longer than that, and Utley’s season is over. We better not have a Morneau situation on our hands. Between him and David Wright missing pretty significant time, it’s a huge concern.
    Last year, the Braves render Polanco pretty much useless with the elbow injury. This year, they could’ve just taken Uts out.

  5. @Oh No… you do realize how bad of a concussion Morneau had right? I doubt this is anything more than minor based on his ability to operate immediately after. sure there is concern but all things now point to minor

  6. I think this post is a little overblown. Like many have said, it wasn’t that bad and no way does this keep him out for the rest of the season. Also, Utley wasn’t exactly lighting the world on fire before he left. Just please god, don’t bring up Orr.

  7. Why didn’t the umpire call for the trainer instead of sending Chase down to first. Hearing “What just happened” after being drilled in the head with a ball should be a big enough clue that something isn’t right.

  8. After watching the replay several times, I think the helmet actually did a good job absorbing the blow and the speed which the ball deflected off in the air was better than seeing a ball hit it head on and then drop to the ground. I don’t think temporary memory loss is quite that fast, and the fact Chase didn’t flinch or cringe or hear ringing is a very good sign. Few days off will be plenty, definitely glad they’re taking it seriously though.
    Rub Old Bay on his head? The seasoning? Do you mean Bengay?

  9. oh god that means 90% of the broadcast will be directed towards how tough he is and how it is killing him to be away from the team… spare me

  10. Judging by his body’s reaction when he said “what happened”, he was questioning whether it hit his bat or not because he ducked his head. If he dropped to the ground and asked what happened, there would be a lot more cause for concern.
    Its actually a blessing in disguise because Charlie will stop beating him into the ground like he does every other player on this team.
    Stop worrying.. Almost a month before the playoffs.

  11. @John
    O’Flaherty’s a lefty. Of course he wanted to pitch to Ryan Howard. My dog could strike out Howard throwing left-handed.

  12. @derkaderk
    Chase hasn’t hit lefties that well this year. There was no reason for him to intentionally hit him. He missed. It happens.

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