Chase Utley to See “Concussion Specialist”, J-Roll™ Activated But Says “Don’t Expect to See Him Playing”


We're just putting "quotes" around everything "today."

There are two word pairings I never like to see: burning and sensation, and Utley and specialist. This is one of those two.

via Philly Sports Daily:

He did not fly with the team to Wisconsin and will be seen by Dr. Rob Franks, the concussion specialist at the Rothman Institute.

“He didn’t really feel 100 percent after getting hit,” Amaro said. “He was OK, then afterwards he started feeling a little fuzzy. We took the precaution of getting him out of the game.”


The Phillies have activated Jimmy Rollins in his place, but J-Roll™ said "don't expect to see me playing." The Phillies will likely use him in an emergency role only.

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5 Responses

  1. Shouldn’t you just write “… but J-Roll said, ‘don’t expect to see me playing.'”? I don’t think replacing ‘me’ with ‘[him]’ is necessary here…

  2. haha sorry i tried to say that as un-douchely as possible… but because the way the article is presented it seems, at first glance, that rollins is saying “don’t expect to see Utley playing.” problem solved

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