Do You Want to Watch the Red Sox Collapse in Real Time?

Sura ya do!

Well, edited real-time, but you get the gist. Watch this before it gets removed from YouTube. Video link from the amazing Steve Whyno.

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4 Responses

  1. Painful.
    I’m not a Sawx fan, and I know so many love to hate on that team. But for some reason I’m not thrilled about their collapse.
    On the other hand – going back to Wednesday’s Talking Chop game thread to witness them lose their shit is eminently satisfying to me.
    Around 9-ish, they were appropriately hateful and insulting:
    “Die in a fire, Pence.
    by Ivan the Great on Sep 28, 2011 8:57 PM EDT reply actions
    While being attacked by piranhas. by UMDBHIK on Sep 28, 2011 8:57 PM EDT up reply actions ”
    As the game progressed, righteous hostility melted into shock and despair. A day later, TC published a photo essay of that night which featured the following captions:
    “But like the Championship caliber team the Phils are, they kept fighting.”
    and –
    “The Phillies are ruthless. They put their foot down on the throat of a teams season, even though it meant nothing to them. That’s the coldness that Champions show.”
    Oh yes.

  2. omg kyle you’ve been amazing these past few days. that amazing morning wood that i told everyone about cause it was pure genius and had my rolling on the floor laughing so hard, this fabulous video. i love seeing dejected boston fans faces. doesnt get old to me. and their dude.. dan s?? whatever.. his predictions and faces .. priceless.. and that power hour video … you’ve been at the top of your game. keep it up 🙂

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