Doc’s Playoff Clinching Celebration


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  1. Yo Laddie Boy!
    I’m making my way back home from some holiday making (in a country with a lot of pretty young and easy babes, of course) and will catch up soon on whether this most awesome god-damned proper-gander blog in the whole godless world peddled any shyte for truth during my absense.

    In the meantime, I got your Palin story beat (WARNING! Nakedness of the young female form is nothing but inspiring):
    In case you are wondering: What does this have to do with sports? The answer: What a stupid question! Who the f*ck cares?! That’s preemo tna that’s good new source material for your “date nites” with “Ms. CB” (AKA Rosie Palm and her 5 sisters) hahahahah.

  2. This is what should happen. I hope that this team is not popping champaign when they clinch the NL East. Nor do I hope they get overly “bubbly” if they win the Pennant. The Warren Giles trophy and the Prince of Wales trophies are just a guarantee of being a winner – or the first loser. This team was built to win a World Series. Anything less is a disappointment!

  3. @dwayne you are an idiot…. worst case scenario roy goes 7 innings 4 earned runs…. cliff has been better than big roy at times, but roy is the definition of consistency. Take some time on and look at the numbers before you talk. this season, Cliff has given up 4 or more Earned Runs 7 times this season, including 3 6ER games and a 5ER. And Roy 4 times, and 3 of them were 4ER… 4ER or less is a managable game. You get into 6 runs against your starter you get in trouble

  4. All i am saying is Lee has looked better down the stretch and it looks like he has hit is stride at the right time, Doc looks like he is struggling out there on the mound and every time he pitches it looks like he is going to collapse. You can look at all the stats you want but the eyes dont lie. It isnt going to happen and whatever way they set the rotation the 1 2 punch is still deadly but me personally and a whole lot of others if you listen to some of the chatter in the bars and around the ballpark believe that Lee should be going game one.

  5. They’ll pop the champagne when they clinch the division, guaranteed. This was simply another stepping stone to what’s becoming a record-setting year.
    Class all the way with these guys.

  6. whats the old saying, the coach/manager that listens to the fans will soon be sitting with them. Give me doc game one all day! And by your own logic, since Roy struggles all the time(with his 18 wins), wouldnt you rather have him go first? hear me out, say he has a great game, you are up 1-0, say he struggles and you are down 1-0, dont you want cliff lee to be the stopper. If you pitch cliff 1st and for whatever reason he gets knocked around and we are down 1-0 and then Roy goes out and “struggles” we would be down 2-0 in a first to 3 series… not good… but that wont happen b/c Roy is a fucking beast!

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