Nope, the Eagles aren't "guna" wear anything but the usual White and Green this season.

Just a quick update before my full-fledged UniDiction for Sunday's Eagles vs. Falcons goes live.

Confirming fears throughout Eagles-land, per the offical EaglesInsider Twitter account, it's been confirmed that the Eagles will wear only their White and Green jerseys this year. No throwbacks or black alternates will be seen. This pretty much solidifies the fact that the Eagles ownership wants to limit throwbacks to specific anniversaries (50th anniversary of the 1960 NFL Championship and 75th anniversary for the team in 2007).  Are there any significant anniversaries coming up in the next few years?

Business-wise this doesn't make much sense because Eagles fans will buy any jersey the team has, especially if they're new (or, in the case of a throwback, old). The Eagles are basically saying "we don't want your money." For a point of reference for the buying patterns of football fans, even these monstrosities from 2007 are still seen at Lincoln Financial Field.

Look for additional comments about the biggest Eagles uniform story of the season in the Falcons vs. Eagles UniDiction.

In terms of the brighter side of this grim news, this means we won't see this aesthetic disaster this season…