Eagles Splash Page Cartoon is Back

Splash Page Cartoon: Week 1 from Philadelphia Eagles on Vimeo.

Those are some of the bustiest cheerleaders I have ever seen. There's nothing wrong with that.


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  1. The cartoon has been up all week why are you just writing about it???? I noticed the tits on the cheerleaders too, other than that the cartoon is not one of their better ones.

  2. what time will spuds cam from the first road trip of the season be up. Other than the cam vids he post i really really really detest that dude.

  3. I love that they’re doing these again. The cartoons around 04-05 helped make me such a big fan. If anyone knows where to find those old ones actually, I’d appreciate. But I’m excited to see these all season.

  4. My favorite cartoon is the one with Eli Peyton Manning as little kids being afraid of the Eagles players depicted as monsters. It was good natured fun and any time you can poke fun at the Manning brothers I’m all for it.
    Side note, I hear that the Peyton Manning bobblehead doll giveaway has been scrapped for the Colts home opener!

  5. I agree the Jenkins split is awesome! This is funny, a bit corny but funny…hope they keep it up! Good shit!

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