Evan Turner’s Hanging Out with College Coeds During the Lockout

Evan_turner_partyMeep, meep

Just in case you were wondering.

Reader Matt passes along this photo on our Facebook page, saying: 

i go to ohio state and saw evan turner out at a party last night…good to know that the only shots that the future of our team is taking during the lockout is with freshman co-eds


Wouldn't we all, Matt? Wouldn't we all…


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  1. @BT- hahah seriously, I’m starting to get fucking little pop-ups now when I view this site. worse then gcobb.com

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  3. the sixers are cool and all. but they are like the adopted kid. you still love them but its just not the same as your other kids

  4. BT- those ads up top and on the right aren’t going away- need to make a living. as for the pop up ads, i’ll look into it. sometimes the ad network gives them to us and I have to turn them off. sorry about that.

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