Fan Throws Banana at Wayne Simmonds

A fan in attendance at Thursday night's Flyers-Red Wings game in London, Ontario hurled a banana at newcomer Wayne Simmonds during the shootout, according to Frank Seravalli.

After the game, Simmonds took the high road. The quotes via Sam Carchidi:

"I guess it's something I have to deal with — being a black player playing a predominantly white sport."



Oh yeah, he scored on the play.

Gary Bettman released a statement this morning:

"We have millions of great fans who show tremendous respect for our players and for the game. The obviously stupid and ignorant action by one individual is in no way representative of our fans or the people of London, Ontario."


Seravalli has more. There's a grainy vidoe of the shootout after the jump.


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  1. This is supposed to only happen to black soccer players in Italy, Spain and Russia… Pretty disgusting. That person should be banned from seeing hockey games the rest of his life.

  2. Its fucking bullshit. I guarantee that this blog post will be the extent on the coverage of this…but every time a Flyers fan boo’s, “oh Philly is classless”. God damn it people, grow the hell up.

  3. No Wayne, you shouldn’t have to “deal” with something like that in fucking 2011. This literally nauseates me.

  4. what a joke, atleast it didnt happen in philly. i really hope he does well here, and im looking forward to seeing him play, he looks pretty good so far. not to mention he put a nice fuck you on top by still scoring

  5. But of course if it happened in Philly it’d be national news…Glad he scored, hope that person feels like an ass.

  6. Wayne Simmonds – 1 regulation goal, 1 shootout goal, showing the utmost class.
    Racist Pussy – a banana.
    Wayne wins. Fuck racism.

  7. worst thign about this is the flyers were listed as a home team so im seeing on twitter people believing that it was done in philadelphia

  8. You’re telling me that Carter’s hometown performed a racist act on the new 17? No way. Carter is so classy he must have come from the classiest of the classy cities in Canada.

  9. Hey Sean O’Mara, u ignorant fucking retard. Are u associating urself with the 3 guys who beat a kid to death outside of McFaddens or the ones that threw batteries @ opposing athletes? Crawl out of ur Mom’s basement and when ur high enough, jump.
    Dan R.

  10. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. Just when I thought the human race had grown up and gone beyond such crass and infantile acts, something like this happens to remind me that we still have a long way to go. I hope the asshole who committed that shameful act felt good about what he had done, thus reinforcing his place in life as a knuckledragging barbarian.

  11. not place for actions like that in todays world. Much Class display by Wayne on taking the high rode. Philly is going to love this kid on and off the ice.

  12. Brendan Shanahan should ban all Canadian fans from attending or watching any hockey again forever. Goddamn racsist Chuk/Frog pussies! The only reason why they ain’t part of the US today is because we learned way back during the Battle of Quebec that it wasn’t worth it.

  13. I can see it now. At the Flyers next home game the fans support Simmons by giving him a standing ovation or by chanting his name and the national media will either ignore it or show it and comment, “Wow, some class shown by Philly’s fans. Totally out of character. They threw snowballs at Santa and cheered Michael Irvin’s injury….when he almost died. At least they have those delicious Philadelphia cheesed steaks”. They are about as dumb as the banana thrower.

  14. Hey Laddie, do you think they would have done this to Richie?
    Speaking of which, WTF, did they relocate Dry Island to the CBP Clubhouse?! Fuck me balls, you’d think the Phillies would make an effort to win the last home game of the regular season for all those dedicated fans. This is very remanissant of last year when the offense gave up into the post-season.

  15. The worst thing about this being listed as a Philadelphia home game is that London, Ontario is really 2.5 hours from Detroit. Not saying that a Red Wings fan definitely threw it, but if it’s really a home game for either team, it’s probably more like one for the Red Wings.

  16. I’m sorry but why a banana? I don’t get how that’s racist? Wouldn’t a watermelon be something racist to throw?

  17. Dude I like what M Kells had to say I think he is right. Philly will rise up and support Simmonds as we should. The Mainstream Sports Media (jay mohr?) haha, has sold Philly as a barbaric uncivilized pile of dog shit when in fact we know when we need to support our players and rally around them in the name of doing whats right. The pile of dog shit is actually just jay mohr’s face.

  18. Alex, a derogatory term for a black person is a monkey. Bananas are usually associated with monkeys, so…you can probably figure out where the lame attempt at humor came in.

  19. Love thie dude hes the “Chocolate Tocchet”! That being said Canada’s borders are being overrun by Nigerians who are pooring over it to get the free health care. Meanwhile, they are experiencing record unemployment in Toronto and Ontario in general and they take half your pay in taxes to support the health care. You pay sin tax on Alchohol and Tobacco. There’s alot of Ill will towards the brothers north of our border right now and it aint gonna get better anytime soon.

  20. I would have thrown a moose head as i assume they would be more readily available in Canada…
    What is Wayne’s stature? I wanna get a Lil Wayne sweater.

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