It’s Official: Winter Classic Details

Screen Shot 2011-09-26 at 2.19.29 PMPhoto via the NHL Network

Well, other than Glen Sather predicting victories in the Winter Classic, Stanley Cup Finals, and World Series (Yankees), we learned very little at the Winter Classic press conference- no jerseys unveiled.

The NHL did confirm HBO's 24/7. It will begin on December 14th at 10 PM. There will also be an alumni game on December 31st and a Phantoms game on January 6th. Peter Luuko said he wants all fans to be able to experience the outdoor rink, so many groups will receive discounted tickets to the ancillary games. He also said there may be a high school game at the rink, which I'm told will be between Malvern and La Salle. That last bit is unconfirmed, however.

Basically, everything you just read could have been written a month ago. We learned nothing other than the start date for 24/7.


Sam Carchidi reports tickets won't be available for several weeks. The Flyers are already saying they don't anticipate tickets will be available to public. Season ticket holders, however, received an email today telling them they will receive something in the mail this week.


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  1. kyle
    no offense but I already cant wait for this winter classic to be over now hahaha.
    though its better than talking birdz right now

  2. i already got the alumini and phantoms games included in my season tix. id rather watch the real game at home on my tv.

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