Former Flyer Brad McCrimmon Feared Dead in Russian Plane Crash

Sad news.

36 people are reported dead today after a charter flight carrying Lokomitv of the KHL crashed in Russia. Former Flyer Brad McCrimmon was their coach. 

via Puck Daddy:

A terrible tragedy in Russia this morning.  A Yak-42 charter plane carrying KHL's Lokomotiv crashed on take off.  There were 37 people on board.  At this time there are reports of only one survivor.  The search and rescue operation is underway.

Witnesses are reporting that the plane was reduced to a pile of charred metal.  It is reported that the plane broke off in two and one half fell into water and another one on the ground.


McCrimmon was a Flyer from 1982 to 1987. He finished his playing career with the Coyotes in 1997.

UPDATE: There were 42 passengers, only two possible survivors. Awful.

Multiple reports now confirm McCrimmon is one of the dead.

Other sad Flyers news: On a slightly more upbeat note, you can send well wishes to Paul Holmgren on the Flyers' website. Be nice.

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17 Responses

  1. Couple former big time NHLers on that team as well- Pavel Dmitra and Ruslan Salei. Such a shame.
    What did the hockey world do to piss off death this offseason?

  2. Apparently there is at least one survivor – forward Alexander Galimov (saw on Twitter from @billmeltzer).
    The Hockey Gods are pissed. At this rate, Sid the Kid is going to announce today @ 12:30 that he is shut down this season as well.

  3. RIP. And I hope you knuckleheads aren’t somehow equating the trading of Richards and Carter with a terrible tragedy.

  4. not to jump ahead and downplay how tragic this is but what will happen to the organization now considering they will not have a team to field. and replacing the players with free agents (if they have them in that league, im not sure) seems way too soon to move on from such a horrible event.

  5. So far, according to news reports, these are the guys in the plane who played in the NHL:
    Brad McCrimmon
    Pavol Demitra
    Karlis Skrastins
    Josef Vasicek
    Ruslan Salei
    Karel Rachunek
    Jan Marek
    Stephan Liv (drafted to NHL, but never played)
    RIP, hockey bros. I remember going to games at the Spectrum watching McCrimmon play as a Flyer back in the day.
    I think it would have been nice if that epic pissboy Crosby had rescheduled his extremely weak and patently idiotic “this press gathering is to inform all of you that I have no new information beyond what you already know to tell you” bullshit to another date in light of the plane crash news.

  6. R.I.P.
    Defenceman Vitaly Anikeyenko, 24 (Ukraine)
    Defenceman Mikhail Balandin, 31 (Russia)
    Centre Gennady Churilov, 24 (Russia)
    Centre Pavol Demitra, 36 (Slovakia)
    Defenceman Robert Dietrich, 25 (Germany)
    Defenceman Marat Kalimulin, 23 (Russia)
    Right wing Alexander Kalyanin, 23 (Russia)
    Right wing Andrei Kiryukhin, 24 (Russia)
    Centre Nikita Klyukin, 21 (Russia)
    Goaltender Stefan Liv, 30 (Sweden)
    Centre Jan Marek, 31 (Czech Republic)
    Left wing Sergei Ostapchuk, 21 (Belarus)
    Defenceman Karel Rachůnek, 32 (Czech Republic)
    Defenceman Maxim Shuvalov, 18 (Russia)
    Defenceman Kārlis Skrastiņš, 37 (Latvia)
    Forward Pavel Snurnitsyn, 19 (Russia)
    Centre Daniil Sobchenko, 20 (Ukraine)
    Left wing Ivan Tkachenko, 31 (Russia)
    Defenceman Pavel Trakhanov, 33 (Russia)
    Defenceman Yuri Urychev, 20 (Russia)
    Centre Josef Vašíček, 30 (Czech Republic)
    Left wing Alexander Vasyunov, 23 (Russia)
    Goaltender Alexander Vyukhin, 38 (Ukraine)
    Left wing Artem Yarchuk, 21 (Russia)
    Head coach Brad McCrimmon, 52 (Canada)
    Assistant coach Alexander Karpovtsev, 41 (Russia)
    Assistant coach Igor Korolev, 41 (Russia)
    Yuri Bakhvalov, video operator
    Aleksandr Belyayev, equipment manager/massage therapist
    Nikolai Krivonosov, fitness coach
    Yevgeni Kunnov, massage therapist
    Vyacheslav Kuznetsov, massage therapist
    Vladimir Piskunov, administrator
    Yevgeni Sidorov, coach-analyst
    Andrei Zimin, team doctor
    Andrei Solomentsev – pilot
    Igor Zhivelov – copilot
    Nadezhda Maksumova – flight attendant
    Vladimir Matyushin – flight engineer
    Elena Sarmatova – flight attendant
    Elena Shavina – flight attendant
    Sergey Zhuravlev – mechanic

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