GLAAD is on the Case of Wayne Simmonds

GLAAD, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, issued a press release today directed at the Flyers:

New York, NY, September 27, 2011 – The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), the nation's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) media advocacy and anti-defamation organization, today issued the following statement after Philadelphia Flyers' player Wayne Simmonds appeared on camera shouting “fa**ot” during a preseason game last night, directed at marriage equality advocate Sean Avery of the New York Rangers:

"Hate speech and anti-gay slurs have no place on the ice rink," said GLAAD Acting President Mike Thompson. "The word that Simmonds used is the same word that is hurled at LGBT youth on the playground and in our schools, creating a climate of intolerance and hostility. He should not only apologize for this anti-gay outburst, but the Philadelphia Flyers and the NHL have a responsibility to take action and educate their fans about why this word is unacceptable."

GLAAD is in dialogue the Philadelphia Flyers as well as the National Hockey League (NHL) about specific next steps. Updates will be posted on as they become available.

Recently, GLAAD has worked with sports leagues including the National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball (MLB) and the World Wrestling Federation (WWE) to address issues of homophobia in sports.


Oh lord. I'd like to refer you to Anthony Sanfilippo's blog for the Delco Times, because, really, I couldn't have said it much better.

There's no doubt that pro athletes (and everyone, really) should choose their words more carefully. But singling out one guy for something that is said across every level of every sport – as wrong as it may be – is not the appropriate course of action.


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  1. Yeah, this is ridiculous. I’m going to say GLAAD is racist for picking a black player to do this to after it’s happened pretty much every single game. Words like this can have very hurtful impacts when used against people, I get that. But it IS part of the on-ice vernacular and having the refs or Shanahan be potty-mouth police would be a joke.

  2. GLAAD members and supporters are a bunch of Mollycoddles and I think those mollycoddle should piss off 99% of the time.
    In Simmonds case, he should have chose his words more wisely. he had a banana thrown at him a few days ago and we supported him, because of the hate involved. At that point he cannot go around throwing hate terms.

  3. This is getting outrageous. Has anyone here played hockey, or quite frankly any sport? The stuff that is said on a playing field/rink/whatever between two grown men is not for the faint of heart.
    The other players in the league are probably laughing at Avery right now for being such a pussy (sorry if i offended any cats in this post). Its about time someone knocked this jackass out of the league.

  4. This is a joke. Avery is a FAG. He is the first cry baby wanna be enforcer in the history of the NHL. No wonder he gets no respect. He starts fights with players and then cries that someone called him a name, lol. What a bitch!!!!! We are getting out of hand with this crap. When you are playing a sport you yell things at your opponents. Those slurs are not appropriate in most places, but you should not watch what you say while playing a sport…….

  5. Most of these comments offend me – I hope something is done…I mean Kobe got fined $100k for this sort of thing….

  6. See, that guy, he doesn’t in my opinion
    Almost always when it’s used. It’s in a used as a noun or adjective for a person who is not only being a royal douche but often one who has exceeded the limits of the word Douchebag, and launched themselves into the stratosphere that is “faggot”.
    Just my opinion, actually never heard it used as the other meeting in real life.

  7. If Sean Avery wasn’t a supporter for women munching carpet and dudes sucking birds, this would have been a non issue.

  8. The guy who shrugged off having a banana thrown at him on the ice, is getting crucified for this. Ridiculous.

  9. Who was it who said, “Tis better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt”? Because it sure as shit wasn’t Sean “Frog Pussy” Avery and his GLAAD minions. Hahahahah

  10. I’m asking because I really don’t know…did anyone in the media jump to defend Simmonds after the whole banana thing? Did ESPN do an article on it? Did some african american group try to find the fan and punish them?
    This liberal PC bullshit in this country is so ridiculous. “I’ll take someone elses experience and make a HUGE deal out of it, when it’s convenient for me, and makes me look like some sort of saint”…so pathetic.

  11. Oh who gives a shit. Avery is the very definition of the word. I don’t think Avery’s teammates would care if he was set on fire.

  12. Kyle, if gay marriage is ever legal in PA, would you propose to Utley, Lee or Richards? you’d probably go horsecock you bundle of sticks!

  13. Its not like he was using it against gays, he was using it like it has been used as an insult to Avery for not standing up… GLAAD needs to stop associating themselves with the word because the word is rarely associated with them anymore.

  14. “To be here now and having to answer the questions about what he did is disappointing for me,” Avery said. “I’m disappointed for him.”
    What a bitch

  15. Clearly its because he’s black. LOL this is what america is turning into, Liberal crybabies, let the wussification continue…

  16. This is a crock of shit… everyone knows that faggot today means dick, douche, asshole. Just like gay means stupid, dumb and generally bad. I mean if i said that sean avery is a gay faggot, that means that he is a piece of shit fuckface that needs to get hit by a bus. It does NOT mean that he enjoys the company/packages of men, although he probably does.

  17. Avery can threaten to kill Giroux and nobody in the NHL comments on it? But Simmonds can’t call a guy(who was being a faggot) a faggot, for giving him a cheap shot him? And why does GLAAD stick their nose into sports’ business, first Kobe now this? FOH, nobody cares about your opinion on this!

  18. Simmer didnt call the NAACP when he had a banana thrown at him during a game. Sean Avery is a coward and a hack as a professional hockey player. A short apology to make everyone GLAAD and this bullshit is forgotten. Weezy let the prior incident roll off his back and this incident should be forgottenas well and a non issue. If this is blown up on 24/7 and in local media, hockey players will begin to resent playing here and free agents will be harder to attract. Let it go Kyle.

  19. pretty sure Martha Stewart has never sucked a cock, especially to completion and definitely not from the dead corpse of an irish comedian. The answer is Avery!

  20. Avery bringing this to the Media went way over the line. Like Charlie Murphy said about Rick James. “He is a permanent line stepper.” Over and over. I really don’t want any NHL’er to get hurt, no matter what, but if this guy was Malarchuk’d and bled to death on the ice, I’d probably cheer. What a scumbag. He’ll get what’s coming to him someday. Karma’s a bitch Sean… go back to making your handbags you gutless turd. Nice sucker punch on Simmonds last night, I really hope Shannahan looks at that as well as the Sestito hit.

  21. …and I am a white cracker…..big flipping deal. People have to stop letting words stated within the heat of battle become relevant.
    Avery is scum everyone with a brain knows that…how this became news is just NY jealous of Philly again… or something to that regard.
    This is just plain lame, like Avery’s fighting abilities…

  22. Avery once made fun of Jason Blake when he was with Islanders for having cancer. I think were even, Sean. Also, youre a faggot.

  23. Pathetic. 95% of the comments above show how big of problem this is. Now go ahead and call me a “fag” or a “pussy” or “PC police” and prove my point.

  24. Completely agree that the media should have never been brought into this, but once they were – they have to react this way. This is one of those words (like the N-bomb) that’s going to get people’s attention. It’s pretty damn offensive to a lot of people.
    That being said, Avery is still a little bitch for bringing this up. He knew 100% that this was going to be the result.

  25. Im sorry, but this is the whole problem with this whole liberal movement. (I voted for Obama so I’m not a right wing nut either)
    But why has this question never been asked? How can gay people be so sensitive about a word that offends their sexualitiy, but still go parade in the streets at gay pride parades about how cool their choice is?
    I’m all for gay rights, but stop with the bullshit.

  26. Fact: “FAGGOT” will never stop being used in sports or in the heat of moments with angry people. It just falls into the category of “Words to yell when angry and attempting to get a rise out of someone in a competitive or frustrating situation/environment”
    GLAAD needs to realize this fact and STEP ABOVE it.If they dont care and let it all go, the word will lose its association with them and they can move on.
    We all must stop hating on Avery too, hes not respected in the league, that is punishment enough. No one cares about him…

  27. I don’t know why gays try to associate the word “faggot” with their sexual orientation. If I were GLAAD, I’d release a statement saying that the word “faggot,” as it refers to gay men, is dying out in our language. I’d probably argue that it has taken on a new meaning.
    It’s partly true, anyway.

  28. Klaus – do you really think the word “faggot” will ever stop from being said in scuffles and frustrating situations across the sports world?
    Your just being naive….

  29. Simmonds denies using any homophobic slur, and there’s no audio to prove it one way or the other. So why TF is GLAAD making a federal case out of this? Just on the word of Sean Avery, the accomplished and world-renowned punk-ass bitch? If GLAAD wants to be taken seriously rather than viewed as a bunch of malcontent attention whores, they really should have some evidence at their disposal before they go off half-cocked.

  30. What a buncha faggots.
    What happens on the ice, stays on the ice, if everybodys gonna go whining to the media about what’s said on the ice, this sport is going to suck.

    1. faggot
    In these times not really used if somebody is really a homosexual mostly used insteap of calling somebody stupid or a loser.
    Ralph: Chris hasn’t been answering his phone.
    John: Yeah, he is probably hanging out with those other kids thats why.
    Ralph: He is such a faggot.
    John: Yeah him and his faggot friends.

  32. @that girl
    Your use of the term half-cocked has been determined to be hurtful and homophobic. Please cease and desist otherwise we will be forced send Klaus (the faggot) to your home

  33. This blog and the guy at Delco Times have a caveman understanding of language. They think that if you don’t use a term literally it isn’t violent. Well, I can take that point when talking about actually voilent language. Violent language is no doubt different than violent action. But still, calling someone a faggot even when not meant literally participates in a really violent history of that term. This is the same with the banana incident. You could argue that the guy you threw the banana meant to literally trip the skater, but of course because of the history of that symbol it is fucking violent. The gay issue will plague male athletics until terms like faggot change their meaning and a skater using the term to trash talk an opponent, no matter if he meant it literally or not, is still participating in its violent association.

  34. gay peeps need to get a little glaad about thier choice jeez do you want a parade or not crazy faggots! stop pickin on the choco toco!

  35. words – this guy called another guy a bad word – he will get more bad press than the muther-fuckers from Goldman-Sachs who stole billions and wrecked tens of thousands of lives, or those rat-fuckers at AIG who also stole billions and got the govt to save their asses
    this is what is so totally fucked up about this country – the good ole USA is getting stolen out from under our feet and all the media gives a shit about is one athlete saying ‘faggot’ or some attention whore from Alaska who likes a little black cock on the side – who gives a fuck
    personally I will NEVER give a shit what any athlete says – they are just the genetically gifted – I appreciate what they can do I enjoying watching them display their talents – but what they say? whatever

  36. Jmac for the win!!!! fuckin a bro! that would actually involve getting outta the basement and investigating the story to hard for todays media!!!

  37. @adam this is exactly how i feel “This is a crock of shit… everyone knows that faggot today means dick, douche, asshole. Just like gay means stupid, dumb and generally bad. I mean if i said that sean avery is a gay faggot, that means that he is a piece of shit fuckface that needs to get hit by a bus. It does NOT mean that he enjoys the company/packages of men, although he probably does.”

  38. i’m completely on simmonds side. i LOATHE avery. if he so much as LOOKS at my baby giroux on OR off the ice, i will cut him! this stuff is said between players during games happens ALL the time. it was just caught on film and avery had to cry about it. i think its absurd that GLAAD is pursuing this because as previously mentioned, did the NAACP file a formal issue with the arena in London??? its ridiculous. GLAAD may as well mic up every athlete during every game of every kind and crack down if they want this to have some kind of impact. because you know what, its not gonna stop.
    that being said, i will give some insight/defense to their reasoning. many of you have stated that faggot and gay today do not necessarily refer to homosexuals anymore. they are more associated with asshole, dbag, stupid, dumb, etc. now if you are a parent and you are raising your child. they or you use the word faggot or gay in a non homo way and your child learns that word means ‘dumb, stupid, asshole, dbag, etc’. now when they actually encounter a LGBT in their life, and hear ‘oh that person is gay’ what do you think they are going to associate that person with?? being dumb stupid dbag asshole because they are homosexual.
    so i am not defending avery or GLAAD. i think they’re being asinine, but i hope that perspective just gives a little insight to why it really is an issue. so bottom line, its not going to change in sports. it will only change if individually, people choose their words more wisely. idk not trying to ruffle feathers, cause i will kill avery if he touches claude. my ass will be driving up 95 soooo fast its not even funny. but just take a second to think why it MIGHT be viewed as an issue to use those words…

  39. Update: According to Broad Street Bull Sam Carchidi, Simmonds is now denying he used a gay slur against Dipshit Avery; via Puck Daddy:
    It sucks that the teams won’t meet in The Well before the winter classic, because I’d like to see how Dipshit Avery will be welcomed there. Well, it’ll be interesting to see how he’ll be welcomed at CBP, and it’ll be on National TV.

  40. Just because I call you a faggot, or a fag, doesn’t mean that I’m calling you gay or that the words have any slanderous gay connotations. Between men, calling another man a fag just means they’re being feminine, or weak, or whiny or to put it bluntly without class, a bitch.
    Everytime GLAAD jumps on someone for this, it just makes them look stupid and way behind the times.
    I’d also like to mention that these athlete’s should not be fined nor should they be responsible for what they say in the heat of battle. Get the microphone’s off the ice/field/court if you have a problem with hearing what is really happening.
    Also, Avery is such a piece of shit, that I don’t think there is a slanderous word that DOESN’T describe him.

  41. When do these pussies realize that there is no real meaning behind language that is used during sporting events. The intent is to get under the skin of the opposing player, not to degrade a certain group in society. These queers need to lose the wedgie that their panties are creating and realize that the comment was said in the heat of battle. Their sexual preference was the last thing in Simmonds’ mind when he said what he did. I’m tired of all these different advocacy groups trying to pussify everything that America holds dear, like meat and sports.

  42. @pickle sniffer,
    How about we just call him by his drag name “Seana”. Except then he might be tempted to sashay shantay all the way across the ice. That’s just the type of drama that the 24-7 producers are looking for.

  43. who cares about gay people they dont even watch hockey because there too busy sucking dick.
    avery wears a murse. end of story

  44. What about every time he touches the puck the PA drops a little Right Said Fred… “I’m Too Sexy For My Shirt”………

  45. First a banana is thrown at Wayne Simmonds. Then he has this little incident with avery. This guy really has a problem with fruit, huh?

  46. Clearly the people of glaad don’t watch south park……the word fag or faggot means an annoy inconsiderate douche who rides a harley in the city being as loud as possible to draw attention to themselves.

  47. I’m more concerned about his use of the word pussy in derogatory manner shouldn’t feminist be all over that?

  48. Simmonds should’ve responded with this, “knock knock…(who’s there)…Orange…(orange who)…Orange you GLAAD I didn’t say faggot!
    Screw Sean Gayvery!
    I think Louis C.K. said it best

  49. I for one simply can’t believe people are taking Sean Avery’s claims seriously. I mean, we’re talking about one of THE biggest weasels in all of sports, a cretin and a rabble rouser who, in my mind, wouldn’t be at all above lying out his rear end to give him or his team an edge, either on or off the ice. And everyone, including GLAAD have fallen for his crap, hook, line and sinker. And since when did Avery of all people get religion and started whining about players tossing slurs he himself has used more times than he can remember. I say it’s all rubbish!

  50. I haven’t really read any of the other comments, so i’m just applying to the article.
    The fact that Simmonds used that word is, of course, wrong. There’s no real reason for it. That being said…
    First off, GLAAD is starting to go they way of Komen; any publicity is good publicity. I understand the level of offense here, but I think it’s terrible that they only seem to go after players who have the biggest media pop. First Kobe, who is certainly going to make headlines, then Simmonds, because he expereinced a potential hate-related insult just days earlier. While i’m in full support of the LGBT community, including same-sex marriage, I can’t support a lack of social consciousness just so you can shove your cause down the throats of hockey fans. How about going after other players who use that word, as i’m sure there are a few? Oh, that’s right, because they won’t get you a pretty headline on the USA Today Sports page.
    Secondly, Sean Avery is an ass. He has a nasty reputation for being both a bad teammate and a ad competitor, and that’s saying a lot in a sport where hitting and fighting is commonplace. His actions were clearly an attempt to garner extra media attention. I guess he was lonely in the locker room that night so he wanted the NY media to pay him a visit.
    Speaking of the NY media, real classy, guys. As usual, you find something negative someone associated with the city of Philadelphia did and managed to blow it out of proportion. Does NYC really have that much of an inferiority complex that you have to constantly attack everything everyone in Philly does or says? Yeah, it was wrong, but considering Avery was just shy of pulling a knife, Simmonds’ comment pales in comparison. Is anyone in NYC even aware that Philly has a thriving LGBT community? Or that Simmonds has dealt with racial intolerance already this season? Why don’t you just go back to Manhattan? I hear there’s another Sex and the City movie premiering soon.
    Until there can be equal consequences for all players across all sports for all racial and sexual slurs, this will continue to be a controversy, and an unnecessary one at that.

  51. Anyone else sick of everyone gettin offended by the dumbest things I mean glaad shows up because of a phrase you piss on a tree and then the EPA is saying that violates the trees rights you say something about you people than Al sharpton is at your door this shit is gettin very old stop giving these people rights

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