Here’s Video of Banana Thrown at Wayne Simmonds

Screen Shot 2011-09-23 at 1.02.25 PM
Here's more YouTube video of Simmonds in the shootout. If you play the video in full screen and 720p, you can see the banana coming out of the left side of your screen around the :03 mark. You can also hear two girls saying "he scored, it didn't affect."

Video after the jump.

H/T to (@DownGoesSpezza)


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  1. The kids’ reactions/commentary are priceless. It’s unfortunate what happened, but I think Wayne’s reaction said it best. Deal with it, forget about it, and move on. Senseless actions dont deserve reactions.

  2. see you gotta have more soul. I SAID LOOK MAN. I AIN’T GO’N FALL FO’ NO BANANA IN MA TAILPIPE!

  3. @brandon and henry
    you can see it slide towards the M in 3M after he passes that point. follow it from there

  4. People, people don’t get too tore up about this incident: Simmonds got Heidi Klum as a consolation prize.

  5. didn’t you say you were just going to drop this earlier? why are you still bringing it up? because you’re a scumbag that just tries to capitalize on sick incidents like when Patterson had a seizure in training camp and you were asking on twitter for video.

  6. Not to say this was a cool thing to do, but that was a hell of a throw! you can see it come down from OVER the netting above the glass. And it landed right in front of him.

  7. Bananas are an excellent source of potassium and it was an overtime game. perhaps it was thrown with the best of intentions!

  8. Kyle, you should start a bounty on the thrower. Count me in for the first $100 if you receive direct information that leads to the identification and public humiliation of the racist scumbag that threw it.

  9. Well since nobody else acknowledged it, that was a pretty sweet move by Simmer, he’s a lot more talented than people give him credit for. I think if he was on a scoring line versus his usual checking line duties, he’d be a 40-50 point player

  10. Wow what a camera shot. Can you get any higher up in the arena ? I mean I could’ve gotten a better camera shot from here in Philadelphia. Wasn’t even worth wTching. There’s gotta be a better shot of it somewhere.

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