Hunter Pence Has Mild Patellar Strain, Out Until Weekend

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Earlier today, Hunter Pence Tweeted that his knee was “feeling great” and he was “excited to get back to playing today” (never mind that he’s played virtually every day since July…). That left the impression that his MRI turned out just swell. 

Not so fast.

Assistant GM Scott Proefrock told reporters Pence has a “mild strain” of the patellar tendon in his left knee. The Phillies expect him to play over the weekend.

You know how these knee things go, right?

In the spring, Chase Utley’s body soreness turned into patellar tendinitis, which turned into chondromalacicuamfaiaiaia… which left him out of the lineup for three months.

We’ll take about a medium-sized breath in (and hold- like you would at the doctor). Keep holding.


Hold until you see HP jerk his gangly limbs out to right field this weekend. Is it October yet?

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