James van Riemsdyk Hit a Home Run at CBP, Other Useless Flyers Information

They call this foreshadowing, folks

Several of the Flyers (including James van Riemsdyk, Claude Giroux, and #wheresscotthartnell) took batting practice at Citizens Bank Park today. Guess which $25 million man performed some yard work?

Screen Shot 2011-09-19 at 3.57.18 PM

He now has more home runs than Ross Gload.

Finally, more Winter Classic stuff (this is sort of like the O.J.trial: so much evidence, so little confirmation). Bridgestone is giving away tickets to the super-double-secret game. And, next Monday, there will be a barbeque for season ticket holders at Citizens Bank Park before the preseason game against… wait for it… the Rangers. 

Screen Shot 2011-09-19 at 4.06.36 PM

– nods head, looks around – I see what’s going on here. I’d be willing to bet there’s an announcement that day.

Carry on.

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  1. “If the selected entrant is a Canadian resident, he/she must correctly answer unaided a time-limited arithmetic skill-testing question to be administered by telephone at the time of his/her response to the notification of selection as a condition to being eligible to win a Prize.”
    lolwut? They don’t want any stupid Canadians winning?

  2. all i know about this winter classic is i hope and pray those ugly bumble bee jerseys dont end up being real…. so many ppl had them on at the rookie game and they looked sooooo stupid!!!! i dont get how ppl spent money on them.. even if they are the jersey. they’re HIDEOUSS!!

  3. My uncle told JVR he should quit hockey because he was THAT GOOD at baseball and my uncle could get him a scholarship. Not surprised he knocked one out of the park.
    As far as the “super secret non-existent Winter Classic,” had you planted your rear in one of those many empty seats on Sunday at Meet the Flyers, you may have gotten the update you needed. Nick should have been nice enough to tell you that too.

  4. The barbeque is not for all season ticket holders. Just the “early birds.”
    Can’t wait!!! The Roo, Bryz, the Captain, I’m beside myself with excitement! My goal is to come out with no restraining orders and lots of autographs and pictures! 🙂

  5. I heard a while back they were gonna announce it at the Rangers preseason game. I think I even read that here on CB?

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