Jaromir Jagr Hath Arrived

Let's just get this out of our system… for old time's sake. Click play:

H/T to (@DLF1021) for the pic

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17 Responses

  1. Um, if Jagr got 47 assists this year i’d be happy as shit, anything more than 60 points from him this year would be great. I’m excited as shit for him to play for us, don’t understand all the hate, the man is a Hall of Famer legend beast

  2. The hate is b/c Jagr is many Flyers fans’ least favorite NHL player of all time. And rightfully so.

  3. Obviously nobody on this thread likes hockey, because
    1) Jags does not play in front of the net, he’s got one of the best shots EVER in the game of hockey.
    2) He has been a dominant player every single year he has played in the NHL
    3) Its quite a low risk / high reward signing, its the only move I agree with that the Flyers made this offseason.

  4. The Jagr hating is baseless. Low-risk 1 year contract….worth a shot, we can bench him if he sucks, hes 110% worth the TINY risk we took on him.
    If your upset with this signing your not using your brain….he could be huge, and if not…it WONT be a big deal.
    We got alot younger, changed the dynamics of the locker room, the future is unknown but I am extremely optimistic, as we all should be, because WHY be pessimistic…it never ends up working out in the end.
    Negative nancys go suck a egg!

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