Jaws Says “Shit” On MNF, Apologizes

On Sunday, Brian Billick had a slip of the tongue when he said, "they've had some sex with the no huddle earlier." Harmless. Funny. But, last night, when Ron Jaworski said "shit" on Monday Night Footall… well, he was forced to make an awkward on-air apology. You can watch that, after the jump.

Thanks to (@iiice), (@wcm5016), and (@vandit463) for the heads-up, I was flipping back and forth between MNF and the Phillies game before finally giving up on both when Tom Brady hit Wes Welker for a 99 yard touchdown pass and the Astros brought their loserish reliever in to close out the sleeping Phillies.

Apology (plus at least eight seconds of awkward silence) after the jump.


10 Responses

  1. Funny, but only newsworthy because we’ve made it a societal faux pas to say “shit” on television. THAT…is a bit ridiculous. It’s just a word.

  2. i can’t believe people can freely say that word that starts with n and ends with a or an r freely on tv but people get out of wack when they hear shit… damn america when will we grow up.

  3. Pathetic people who get all panty-destroyed over the utterance of certain words on tv should be teleported into the center of the sun where their bullshit pseudo-piety-for-show and uber-uptight-and-ignorant conservatardedness can be put to better use fueling the solar system’s primary energy source.

  4. Society needs to pick a direction. Conservative or let it fly. The F bomb is used openly in public everywhere but one slip of “shit” and Jaws should repent? Can’t have it both ways. It’s getting tiresome figuring which rules we’re playing under for each instance.

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