Jimmy Rollins Gets Zen (Or Just Wants You To Know That He Has Significantly More Money Than You Do)

Screen Shot 2011-09-01 at 11.47.53 AMRehab my groin!!! Or build a speakeasy on Dry Island.


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  1. We need more people in te Crossing Broad Community on XBOX live. To join, search for the community crossing broad and to join enter the password “timeyours”

  2. Sounds like Jimmy was watching Brewster’s Millions while riding the rehab stationary bike recently.
    P.S. I would become a minority owner of the Mets and trade for Jayson Werth and higher SABR to tell why i made a smart move.

  3. Nice job taking a simple tweet out of context and blowing it way out of porportion… Proves what an asshole you really are!

  4. Kyle…your reasoning saddens me sometimes.
    I meean..what could possibly make you conjecture that he “Wants You To Know That He Has Significantly More Money Than You Do”?? Come on…for real…

  5. I would spend $50,000 getting a video made of Jimmy Rollins popping-up over and over. Then, I would give Jimmy $4,950,000 to spend an hour watching it with him.

  6. I’d get a nice yacht, either a big sloop or ketch, or perhaps even a smallish schooner, and sail around the world as much as long as I can or untill the money is all spent. I’d definitely spend as much time around the Caribe, Fiji/Tahiti, and the Meditn (especially Monte Carlo/San Tropez/The rst of the Côte d’Azur). I’d hire an all female crew, with a nice redhead for the captain (I’d still be Admiral, hahahah). Heck to extend it I might even go back to privateering hahahahah.

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