Jimmy Rollins Wants a Five-Year Deal

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One for each car (Red Bull truck not included)

Of course he does.

Let’s make this the last time J-Roll’s™ contract is brought up until he has to address it while riding down (Crossing?) Broad St. on a float. Mmmkay?

Jon Heyman of SI.com wrote at length today about the market for Rollins and his chances of re-signing with the Phillies. Here are a couple of takeaways:

– Rollins in looking for five years. A league source tells Heyman the Phillies are thinking more like three or four (they call this “Werthing”).

– Money is not the most important part of this for Rollins. It’s 1A to years.

– Rollins successfully predicted his Bay Area buddy, C.C. Sabathia, would wind up with the Yankees in 2008. He was correct. Last week, C.C. said he thought Rollins would wind up at home in San Francisco. They need a shortstop and aren’t too concerned with age.

– The Phillies like Rollins and want him back. They would be willing to pay him over $12 million a year. But it’s probably all going to come down to years:

"Right now there is no better place to play baseball, especially in the National League,'' Rollins said of the Phillies the other day. "With that being said, I've been here since I am 17. I never thought of going anywhere else. But am I afraid to leave? Not at all. Nothing's permanent. I don't get caught up to the point where it's either this or nothing.''


Got it? Mmmkay.

Read the story here.


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  1. Just as he feels he owes nothing to this organization, the organization should owe nothing to him. Offer him 3 years (1 more than would be wise) or else he can go down I-95 and spend 5 years being a medium-sized fish in an empty pond.

  2. Yeah, I was talking to my friend the other day about this. I can see this actually happening, San Fran or Oakland. What ever team looking for a SS that loses out on the Reyes sweepstakes could be in a bidding war with the Phils.

  3. I don’t see the 5 year deal happening, though. He is too injury prone for that and is on the decline. A 3 year deal is what he will get.

  4. I say pay the man, he has earned it, and SS is the shallowest position in the game. Who the hell else you gonna put there? Jimmy isn’t as old as he seems either. I think he still has a lot of tread left on the tires. 4 years with a 5th year option. Done.

  5. Jimmy predicted CC would go to the Yankees? Hmmm, what were the chances the biggest hyped free agent at the time would go to the Yankees?
    he was out on the limb there…
    really worth noting three years later…

  6. I say give Jimmy three years with an option for a fourth. Given his age and declining skills, that would be the best move for the Phils. As for J-Roll’s prediction that Sabathia would wind up in the Bronx, that’s like predicting night would follow day. I mean, c’mon now!

  7. See you later jimmy. Its been fun. 5 year? no thanks. The man is in decline. and he wont be getting any younger. Will be turning what 33 this november? I would rather go after JJ Hardy IF he hits the open market. I get so sick of the “when jimmy scores a run the phillies are 7894-3” or whatever most of that has to do with where he is in the batting order and not him as a player. I wish somebody could find stats for the entire MLB for teams winning record when their leadoff man scores a run. I appreciate everything he did, but I dont want a 36+ year old rollins starting at SS.

  8. “Let’s make this the last time J-Roll’s™ contract is brought up until he has to address it while riding down Broad St. on a float.”
    Boyo, YOU don’t get to make that call.
    Grow up already. You’re acting like a conseated brat again, and you’re almost completed your third decade in this world.

  9. 3 years, 15, 13, 10, and a club option for a fourth at 8. Front load the contract any you’ll get him where you want him. This works out best for the phils with the money they have coming off the pay roll next year and gives them some flexibility cash wise in the third and fourth years. It’s a good offer and he can go pound sand if he doesn’t think so. The 5 years thing is posturing on his part to eventually get to 4. Does anyone else think he has value as at 3rd for the phils or as a dh in the AL toward the end of his career? at third he’d give you time to evaluate Galvis.

  10. @MM i dont think rollins has the bat to be a DH, he doesnt walk alot, doesnt hit for average, hits for power as a SS but not as a DH, he doesnt even take pitches and make the opposition WORK to get him out. So he wouldnt be a big papi type DH with power, nor can he be a consistent threat to drive a double like Edgar martinez.

  11. I wouldn’t mind J-Roll staying, but it would have to be three years and at a reasonable price. He is a declining SS, it wouldn’t me smart to lock him up for 5 more years.

  12. @Adam, yep the power thing is an issue for your typical prototype DH, I was really trying to asses wether or not he’d have trade value in year 3 or 4 and where that would be. What are your thought on a move to third base?

  13. peace out Rollins. I’d rather the Phils give that money to Hamels make make sure stays a Phillie through his prime. Rollins is not what he once was. He’s good don’t get me wrong, but I think you can replace an injury prone, aging, low obp shortstop. However, Rollins is a great defensive player. I can’t even stomach the thought of the possibility of Valdez or Martinez playing shortstop next season. I sure hope Ruben has another trick up his sleeve. I would give Rollins 2 years with a team option on the third. I think the Giants will over pay for him… for some reason they like to pay old players.

  14. @mm, i dont see that being a smart move, not for the phils anyway. I always looked at rollins kind of like a dom brown of the infield. Jimmy would take the most awkward lines to a ball, sit and wait when he should charge, and vice versa. He was more of an athelete that would make plays b/c he is/was athletic. Like taking bad lines on a ball but able to make the play b/c he got to it quick(with his now deteriorating) speed or fire a bullet that gets dug out by howard, and is an out soley b/c of arm strength. But his baseball skills never really impressed me, something as simple as when to back hand a ball. I just think that 3rd would be more of a reaction and baseball smarts dependant position which Jimmy doesnt have.

  15. @Adam, somethings gotta give in this infield over the next 2 years, polanco, dare i say chase all in decline. You know Ibanez got together with a special trainer in the offseason and really worked his ass off doing core work etc… He looks fresh, I think/hope we may see Chase/Jimmy/Polanco do that as well?
    F’ing Kyle! let’s just enjoy this year!

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