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Would you have expected anything less?

Jose Reyes and his .337 batting average have a chance to win the National League batting title. So how did Reyes handle himself on the final day of the season? He bunted for a hit and took himself out of the game, unlike Ted Williams, who played in a doubleheader with a .400 batting average to end his 1941 campaign. Williams went 6-for-8 and finished at .406.

Manager Terry Collins told reporters that he earned players’ respect this season and didn’t want to disregard Reyes’ wishes, which were to come out of the game.

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Barstool New York has video… until the MLB overlords have it removed.

Ryan Braun will need to go 3-for-4 tonight to eclipse Reyes, who I imagine will be watching the Brewers game from a VIP section somewhere surrounded by a bunch of ready, willing, and able hookers. But I could be wrong.

If there is any other way in which one would have expected Reyes to win the batting title, I can’t think of it.

The Mets: America’s car accident.