Jose Reyes Bunts For Hit, Asks Out of Game, Waits to See if He Wins Batting Title

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Would you have expected anything less?

Jose Reyes and his .337 batting average have a chance to win the National League batting title. So how did Reyes handle himself on the final day of the season? He bunted for a hit and took himself out of the game, unlike Ted Williams, who played in a doubleheader with a .400 batting average to end his 1941 campaign. Williams went 6-for-8 and finished at .406.

Manager Terry Collins told reporters that he earned players’ respect this season and didn’t want to disregard Reyes’ wishes, which were to come out of the game.

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Barstool New York has video… until the MLB overlords have it removed.

Ryan Braun will need to go 3-for-4 tonight to eclipse Reyes, who I imagine will be watching the Brewers game from a VIP section somewhere surrounded by a bunch of ready, willing, and able hookers. But I could be wrong.

If there is any other way in which one would have expected Reyes to win the batting title, I can’t think of it.

The Mets: America’s car accident.


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  1. as a kid i was somehow the world’s biggest Vince Coleman fan. so i’m actually always more impressed with bunting for hits than anything else.
    coming out of the game, though? that’s lame.

  2. This kid is a punk. I hope Braun goes 3-4 to make Jose looked like even more of a piece of shiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

  3. Great job Jose! Really showin your team and your city that youre in it for the logo on the front and not the name on the back…fuckin prick. Any mets fan who makes excuses or stands up for this fuckin loser should be thrown in front of a speeding bus.
    If the Mets are Americas car accident then Reyes is the cat that crawled into the hood and has been slowly corroding the engine over a long period of time.

  4. Jony, the Phillies have the best record in the league, while the Mess finsihes well below .500. Phillies are real losers.
    A real player who cares about his team more than the money finishes the game.

  5. Oh my God, what a complete fucking pussy. I’d be even more embarrassed than usual today if I was a Mets fan.

  6. Are you serious… how can you fucking sleep at night! like really! and ROCCO, you dickhole, I will take 5 straight division titles over the batting title all day. You asshole new york fans are so stupid that you are missing the point. WE (we meaning FANS of the GAME) have a problem with this because it is taking the pussy way out. But Jose was probably on his heavy day and crotch was burning from his yeast infection. This is worse then when Brett Favre gave Strahan the sack record! But all in all it just shows the mindset and the disease that is playing for the METS. Me being an asshole i hope he tears something major in spring training. but that being said, this ends any argument……

  7. between this and the way the yankees played the rays last night, somewhere the baseball gods are plotting the demise of the big Crapple.

  8. Sadly, Ryan Braun took an 0-fer last night, so Jose Punkass wins the NL batting crown, tainted as all hell though. But, I’m sure Braun isn’t all that broken up, after all, he’s going to the playoffs while Punkass gets to crawl under a rock until spring traing 2012. Justice prevails in the baseball world.

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA….Rocco and Jony are sayin we’re jealous losers…BAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… I’ll take a 2nd world series in four years over a meaningless batting title for a half-assed player ANYDAY! The Mets are America’s disgrace!!! Don’t the Mutt fans realize Reyes is only playing this way because its the last year of his fucking contract!?
    And don’t get too smug with that Giants win over the birds this weekend you NY pukes, cause once the team starts to gel and play like they’re supposed to, the birds will prevail as the best in the division and the Giants will take their rightful place in the division cellar exchanging handjobs with the redskins.

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