La Russa Hitting the Bottle Early: Switches Rotation, Carpenter Going in Game 2

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The Tony La Russa cock-up has already begun. He changed his pitching rotation.

La Russa told reporters today that he will start – in order – Kyle Lohse, Chris Carpenter, and Jaime Garcia in Games 1, 2, and 3, respectively.

Two things here: 1) Garcia – perhaps rightfully – gets moved up a game and 2) Carpenter will be starting on three days rest, something he has never done before.

Carpenter threw 105 pitches in a complete game shutout on Wednesday.

These are the sort of knee-jerk moves teams make when they’re trailing in a series. Garcia pitches well against the Phillies and would be able to pitch on full rest on Sunday. Perhaps someone isn’t too comfortable with him pitching in front of 45,000 screaming fans…

Video of La Russa explaining his decision, after the jump.

Video footage via Major League Baseball

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6 Responses

  1. Larussa is playing head games with us and we should get used to it because he thinks he is the smartest man on the planet.
    He knew all along that carpenter and garcia would pitch games 2/3.

  2. Kyle “Laddie Boy” Scott: Silver-spooned blogger and “expert”.
    Anthony “Tony” La Russa, Jr.: 2x World Series Champion, 4x “Manager of the Year” (3 AL, 1 NL), and a complete amateur at managing a baseball team.
    I’ll be rooting for My Phillies but I respect this guys competancy as baseball manager.

  3. My guess is that he’s losing a battle to win the war. He’s trying to set up his #1 against our #2, except our #2 is Cliff Lee.

  4. Garcia’s ERA on the road was close to 4.50 this season. I would agree with Kyle that LaRussa doesn’t trust Garcia to keep it together in the volatile environs of CBP where he could go to pieces like Burt Hooten in 1977 or CC Sabathia three years ago.

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