Ladies and Gentlemen, The Atlanta Braves

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  1. @ ET….. I am 26 and i made that same face, last year watching Howard take strike 3 against that pube face Brian Wilson…

  2. Yea can we not shit on every team that didn’t make the playoffs this year? We have the best team in baseball, but nothing matters until were parading down Broad St. Lets not get on the wrong side of karma heading into the playoffs!

  3. Yeah…I’m 38 and I freaking teared up a bit when we lost in the NLCS last year. And I had many years when I was around that kid’s age when the Phillies broke my heart, too. Give the kid some credit, at least he gives a shit about baseball. I’ve been there, kid…I’ve been there.

  4. @Adam…The loss in the ’93 WS was 1000x more crushing than watching Howard look at strike 3 last year (and it still hurts).

  5. @ET, yeah, hard to be worse than a walkoff homer to lose the world series, but thankfully for me i was only 8 at the time so i dont have the strongest memory of it. but anytime i see the joe carter i cringe. But i guess what made it so bad for me with last year was that watching it live i thought it was a bad call by the ump… by being a philly fan, i watched the replay 20 times and looked at the still shots, that pitch was RIGHT THERE, i just threw up a little just thinking about it….And you think ok here comes the big piece, you think back to the “just get me to the plate” game and how you want Howard up with a chance to win the game and then BOOM hopes and dreams crushed!

  6. @Adam – I think it was a good call; I blame Howard for not being defensive in that situation. It was too close to take in that situation.
    I’m 32 and still pout after losses and my wife hates me for it (she’s at least used to it and will leave me alone while I try to compose myself).

  7. Why are we going soft on that kid? This is the same team that beat the shit out of us in the 90’s and earl 2000’s. No sympathy for me. Suck it braves fans. your tears are like magical drips of joy for me.

  8. He’s wearing his shirt, his hat and his jersey. He brought a glove in hopes that he’s handed a ball or catches one above his head. And he’s emotionally invested in his baseball team. He’s a real fan. Tough it out, kid, and we’ll see you next year.

  9. MM — great post. I also remember laughing at that Boston kid crying after the Bruins blew the 3-0 lead vs. the Flyers. Funny how that turned out one year later. Karma is a M*****F***ER!! So everyone keep that in mind because I’m not trying to collapse and/or watch the Braves win a title next year

  10. Be humble and happy and show some sympathy to the kid, hes a fan and we respect that. It was a tough finish for the Braves, lets let it be, onto the Cards and lets focus on getting the W’s we need. Time to DO WORK and focus…..
    I am excited for Saturday!

  11. it haunts me to this day – 1993 Game 6, 1-run lead, 8th inning Roger Mason just retired 7 in a row for the first out
    Fregosi jumps out of the dugout with his left arm raised for David “playoff ERA: INFINITY” West – he walks Olerud on 4 pitches, The Jays load the bases in the 8th but don’t score – but they turn over the lineup
    Fregosi ran out the same spent, burned out relievers that blew the 6-run lead in Game 4 (West, Anderson & Mitchipoo)…
    that’s all she wrote

  12. @mgoss79 has been a complete joke this season. The site used to be great. I miss it

  13. @Dickie Thon, yes it is, hopefully we have some good karma left over from mph’s childhood, poor kid. He probably still has the jeffries jersey and the cigarette burns. The superstition is such a quintessential “philly” thing you gotta luv it!

  14. Least he showed up for the Braves most important game of the season. Can’t say that about all those empty seats.

  15. Can’t we find a picture of a grown man or woman crying? I don’t care which team a kid is rooting for, it’s heartbreaking to watch a kid get his hopes dashed like that.
    Now if he’d been pouting over not getting a foul ball, that’d be a different story.
    I’ve been there, kid. I’m sorry.

  16. I’m 52 and can remember being just as miserable in 1964, my very first year as a baseball fan. So, yeah, I can sympathize with that kid. Still, it was kinda funny. Heh!

  17. That was my son last year at the NLCS. And he cried the whole way home and cried himself to sleep. I can’t help it i feel bad for this lil guy.

  18. I do feel bad for him. Baseball is a great sport because it teaches you joy and sorrow. Good life lessons. The Bull missing that fly ball to left hit by the Dodgers in the NLCS made me cry when I was his age.

  19. I’m SUPER exited that the Phils won last night, I do feel for the kid, been there through some very tough losses and to give up a 10.5 game lead in the W/C race and lose it on the last day is just a terrible flop…Some of those fans had to be thinking that the Phils would let this game go once it got a lil sticky and I give serious credit to Charlie for not just rolling over and handing it to them(La Russa had some nice comments about the Phils not giving up the game to the Braves) and I almost feel like Braves fans may have been expecting that even…so to the kid sorry bud but this year is now over for the Braves…Onto bigger and better things in the playoffs GO PHILS, Let’s go redeem ourselves from that series last week!

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