Lady Gaga Watched the Phillies Wax the Braves Last Night, Raul Helped Care for a Young Fan


This is the first and last time you will ever see Raul Ibanez and Lady Gaga in the same post.

Braves announcers broke out every pun in the book for Lady Gaga’s appearance at Turner Field last night. Perhaps Gaga was rooting for the Phillies. Her boyfriend, Taylor Kinney, is from Lancaster, where the two were seen hanging out last weekend (don’t ask me how I know that).

Also nice to see that Gaga didn't dump beer on fans and give them the finger.

Meanwhile, in the left field seats, Raul Ibanez – good guy – tended to a young fan who was hit in the head with a foul ball. The kid was carried off by his father, but was later shown back in his seats watching the game.


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  1. Well, isn’t that special. Looks like Gaga saw true excellence up close, even if Clifton the Magic Steed didn’t pitch last night. Meanwhile, even though his skills aren’t what they used to be, Raul remains one hell of a nice guy.

  2. Announcer fail… it’s almost as bad as listening to Sarge and Wheels… well, okay not quite that bad.

  3. Dad of the year should have been protecting his kid instead of shagging for a foul ball. Did he forget about that poor guy in Texas?
    And even though he got beaned on the noggin, the kid could have been hurt in the neck too, and so he should have been kept still until they could brace his head. I hope the Braves medical staff took care of them and let them have access to the x-rays and other equipment if needed.
    Raul’s the man; did a good job of staying there to keep play from resuming too early.
    I got a new respect for Gaga after she went on Howard Stern. The version of “Edge of Glory”, is way better than the album version—no auto-tune, no electronic shyte, just her voice and a piano:

    Plus she’s way down to earth. That whole thing of her wackiness is just an act for the sake of her art. Just like Bowie and the whole Ziggy Stardust thing. But she was real honest and open to Stern and you know she’s the real deal as a brilliant composer and musician (even though I’m not a fan of her recorded work). If she was like she was on Stern for her HBO concert, that thing would have been watchable without retching.

  4. Toneloc, thought the same thing. I mean he was there calling the game when Utley got beaned last month, right? And although a falling pop foul ain’t as fast as a fast pitch, it still has gravity working for it; and Chase had a helmet on.

  5. Yeah, I gotta say – I’m really going to miss Raul. This guy is a class act all the way, and truly represents what’s right about our clubhouse. It’s a shame he’s so streaky, and well, aging. He’s definitely one of my favorite people on the team for who he is, and I’m thrilled when he performs, but I totally understand why they wouldn’t sign him again

  6. I was gonna type some thoughts in here but Iron Balls and Chris G said it all.
    Just wanna say, if you take your little kid to the game, you have to protect him. You don’t try and catch a foul ball over his head, you move INBETWEEN him and the ball. Isn’t this common sense? He could have been seriously injured.

  7. Iron Balls: Raul’s train wreck early in the season was so painful to watch. He pulled it together though. He’s streaky but who isn’t? I give Cholly a lot of credit for having faith in him and continuing to put him in. One thing I know for sure by watching the way he handles himself is that Raul is a grown ass man.
    I agree wholeheartedly with your Gaga statements. I became a true fan when I saw her sing at the piano on SNL in 2009 in the clip below. I thought, “this girl can really sing.” I also saw the Stern appearance and was blown away. She is an unbelievable talent. She doesn’t need autotune or a lot of production – just a piano. My daughter in law wasn’t a big fan until I showed her the appearance on Howard TV. She was enthralled by her talent and loved her openness regarding her life. She is a STAR.

  8. Those of you who commented negatively about my grandson’s father have no clue what you are talking about. We were leaving the game and it was an accident! Get it? Accident!

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