Meet Your New Sports Talk Radio Host

Jason Ashworth won 97.5's Dream Job contest. Here is video of the announcement on Wednesday. Ashworth will be on with Jon Marks tomorrow morning.

Your thoughts?


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  1. the other guy was much better and knew what he was talking about with sports, as he was a Division I athlete. There’s a certain element of experience he brings that Jason did not have.
    I think they took the wrong guy here. Fanatic needs more professional personalities than just Baldy and Dutch(baseball season only). Div I isn’t pro, but its close enough to understand the mindset of those athletes.

  2. this is wonderful and all lovey dovey.. wow as i type that mikey miss mentions the lovey doveyness.. anyway.. i didnt listen to this contest at all so i cannot judge and i’m sure they were both great.. but when in life did 2nd place become winners too?? thats awesome that hes getting a kia and a smaller gig on the radio too but he lost. and hes still being rewarded. i just find it interesting how often that happens these days. oh hey your team came last in little league?? heres a trophy!! awesome for both of them really though. i’m not trying to be mean. just making an observation !

  3. The new guy Jason sounds just like that Mets lover Pieface Sean Brace..It was an obvious choice though..He is much more polished then the other guy who breathes heavier then Andy Reid..

  4. can’t believe i’m saying this but Mike Miss was at his best when he was on the afternoon drive with Eskin

  5. @that guy
    Completely disagree. I’d get sick of Dave’s homerism very, very quickly. The we/us thing he says all the time would get very annoying, very quick. Jason has a smooth voice, is in touch with the majority of the fan base (the fanatical but not all out, live or die with every Eagles snap then ignore and trash all the other sports Eagles fan like Dave was), and can be funny. AND, Dave job drops. I feel like he’d tell me why Danny Watkins made the wrong move because Dave did the right thing at Rutgers.
    Good for both for getting the Kia, Jason was definitely the winner, and convincingly.
    Also- Kyle, honest question. Which do you prefer, WIP or the Fanatic? Obviously, we all grew up on WIP, but I switched to 950 even before it went on FM. I feel like the Fanatic has a strangehold on the market now, and WIP’s switch to FM will go about as well as the last time YSP switched formats and went all talk. Thoughts?

  6. @that guy
    …mikey miss asked dave to name 3 boston athletes.. his 3rd was “the boston bruins” …nice. When they had that fake argument about TO to the eagles again, showed that he had no idea what he was talking about. he was just yelling.

  7. off the top of my head? I think Jim Sipala’s coomercials with the fat brother screaming Crazy! justify spree killing, marks looks like a secret fag with that near-nerd-beard, misanelli looks older everytime i see him and although the food is excellent there is and always has been inadequate parking at the drake.

  8. I’ve known Jason my whole life. We havent been as close over the last 5-10 years or so but I know he’ll do a great job. His passion for sports and outgoing personality will most definitely shine in this opportunity. We’ll clash on opinions once in a while because I’m such a homer and he’s just enough of a homer and so much more of knowledgeable sports realist. On top of it, he’s a 4 sport guy and is legitimately passionate about all 4 philly teams as well as college. I’m biased but I dont think there could have been a better choice. Congrats Jay!

  9. @Chase
    It was the first 3 athletes that came to mind. You really gonna dislike him because he didn’t think of the same three names you did? How ridiculous is that? Plus, you’re thinking of it sitting there at home or work or whatever- he was doing it LIVE ON THE RADIO. I think that might make you a little more nervous.
    Also, he dropped Rip Hamilton for Detroit, so he went with the local angle. Really gonna fault him?

  10. Anyone that thinks Jason A doesn’t belong on air needs to self examine. Try doing the gig, off the cuff, no warm up, no preview, just facts, fast and accurate with personality and style. What alot of folks don’t know is Jason A danced the dance with people in the business like Steven A. Smith and Steward Scott on ESPN. Before you throw stones try sitting behind that desk on national TV and pull off a 4th place finish out of 11,000 contestants. After you try that then lets see what you have to say. The saying goes,,, put up or shut up. The way I see it Jason A put up.

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