Michael Vick DOES NOT Have a Fracture in His Hand

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Andy Reid just told reporters that a CT scan showed NO FRACTURE in Michael Vick's right hand. A blood vessel made it appear is if there was a break yesterday. Reid called the injury a "contusion." Vick may be able to play next Sunday.

Of course, last night, Howard Eskin, who is usually right on with injuries, reported Vick would miss 3-4 weeks with a broken hand. And, as you know, teams lie about injuries. So, while Andy may very well be telling the truth, consider raising an eyebrow to this whole situation.


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  1. I was at that game and he looked like shit. I thought I saw VY suited up on the sideline. At this point he couldn’t be any worse than he’s started.

  2. So let me get this straight.
    he couldnt finish the game because of a BRUISE !!!!!
    McNabb played with a broken ankle one game. Eff this guy

  3. @beez, i am no mcnabb supporter by a long shot but i was thinking something along the same lines… in the bird droppings post, kyle gets busy defending vick for attacking the refs, saying that he is deflecting criticism off the team and putting the media focus on him. Cant help but think, that if mcnabb had said something like that in his tenure here it would have been called an excuse(i am looking at you mikey miss)… but needless to say, swollen hand or not, vick not playing at the same level as last year, b/c teams have figured him out, is only the beginning of the problem. A well run football team should be able to at least have some kind of success during a game if the QB goes down. You know with a decent O line, a D that can stop the bleeding and a running game that eats up the clock and controls the ball…but instead we have our Birds, a team built around a former superstars ability to scramble around and make big plays. Whats that old saying, failure to plan is planning to fail… whatever. NLCS this weekend!

  4. beez nutz, its a lie…once again the eagles lie
    the eagles lied to the fans, media,etc. On the play when vick supposedly broke his hand, he was clearly holding his head. On the bench, he was spitting up again, out of it, etc.
    So today, they say they misdiagnosed and its not a broken hand and that a blood vessel made it look broken. Are we really supposed to believe that?? Hahaha….its so comical that an nfl team which has tons of resources misdiagnoses something that simple
    My thought was that they thought he had another concussion, tested him out yesterday or today, and he didn’t, now he is cleared.
    They dint want to look bad if he had gotten another concussion and you can bet that if he did have a concussion, his hand would magically be broken again

  5. Beez – first of all I’m sure he didn’t have a say in whether or not he went back into a WEEK THREE game after being originally diagnosed with a broken hand. No second or third of all.

  6. @Adam
    Def agree with you 100%. I AM a mcnabb supporter but dont make excuses for him. HOWEVER, he would have been killed by the media for doing something like that.
    I love how the eagles try to defy all the long lasting theories of football. BE STRONG UP THE MIDDLE… big surprise there not and this team is just average. Good Job again Front Office!!!

  7. An interventional radiologist performs this X-ray procedure, which is also called an angiogram. During the angiogram, the doctor inserts a thin tube (catheter) into the artery through a small nick in the skin about the size of the tip of a pencil. A substance called a contrast agent (X-ray dye) is injected to make the blood vessels visible on the X-ray.
    something smells bad here – blood vessel distorted the xray?
    I also noticed last night post-game in an interview with DeSean he said Mike got hurt in the 2nd quarter – the reporters seized on him – and he quickly back-tracked saying he wasn’t sure when Mike got hurt…
    did they hire an X-ray tech who was an orderly for 12 years, but always wanted to read X-rays?

  8. on a side note, our safeties might be the worst in the league. coleman should be nothing more than a wedge buster. all he does is fly at people headfirst and hope to knock them over. he has never once wrapped his arms. page is slow as all hell.

  9. does anyone else feel that mikey miss reads this blog and our comments?
    i constantly hear him say the EXACT same things that are written by someone in the comments.
    I just heard him say the exact same thing i wrote earlier about coleman

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