Mike Richards Wakesurfing, That is All

With summer winding down and NHL training camps about to get underway, we'll take this opportunity for one final pseudo-obsessive Mike Richards post. Rednex Rebellion posted an awkward promotional video on YouTube which includes softly edited shots of former One Eight wakesurfing (as some of you have pointed out) and Linkin Park. Lots of Linkin Park.

If you plan on being one of the assholes who comments with something like, "get over it already, the trades were for the better," don't waste your energy.

H/T to Tom for very obviously and sadly searching YouTube for "Mike Richards"


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  1. Is it bad that I miss him STILL? it’ll be even worse when the season starts. I am not gay by the way…just sayin

  2. Go to the 1:45 mark:

    There you see him boozing it up (looks like SHITy Corona) cause look at all the scarring of the right knee. I wonder why they cut off his head? Did they not want him to be assossheyated with his failure to stay on Dry Island = failure to win The Cup = FAILURE PERIOD? Hahahahah Richie, if anybody is going to think of failure (outside of Flyers fandome), it’ll be because of your crappy clothing line that nobody buys exsept for a few sickophant “friends” who can’t scam the crap off you for free.

  3. so you are an asshole if you are sick of hearing about mike richards? are you also an asshole if you don’t give a shit about mike richards fishing, or wakesurfing, or eating at a restaurant, or walking down the street, or hearing him whine about a trade, or pretty much anything to do with mike richards at this point?

  4. It’s funny that your Google result calls you “Philly’s most irreverent sports blog” when you’re really just slobbering all over your favorite players’ dicks. The blasphemy!

  5. Yeah I’m sure the constant posts about his Yankees hats and his buddy Jeff Carter’s drinking would be considered “slobbering.” If there’s one person partially responsible for constantly reminding folks about their off ice habits it’s me. Disagreeing with two trades is what it is. They’re good hockey players.

  6. That’s not him with the corona…..it’s the guy with blonde hair.
    And I agree with ya Kyle they are good hockey players bottom line.

  7. Ritchie and Carter were great hockey players…they were so good they managed to get two coaches fired, piss off half their fan base and then get their asses traded to places where hockey goes to die. They were overrated and over paid miserable douche bags who couldn’t man up and put hockey first and foremost.

  8. hey Iron balls sounds like you have a serious case of being jealous. first off that is not him with the corona, secondly it sounds like you want to be just like him, and for being a failure you might want to think twice about that. The guy has an OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL (do you have one) a WORLD JUNIOR GOLD MEDAL and brought a team that should not have even made the playoffs to a stanley cup final. maybe you should really start thinking before you go writing shit about Richie. Philly Great moves in the off season you went from Second in the league to last in a hurry. Have fun with Pronger as captain. Two faced loser.

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