Mike Vick Leaves Game With Neck Injury, Concussion


Michael Vick left the game in the third quarter with what was called a "neck injury," which occurred when he slammed his head into Todd Herremans. Andy Reid told reporters after the game that Vick has a concussion, too.

Vick's fiancé, Kijafa, Tweeted after the game that Vick was doing "fine." She had this to say this morning:

Screen Shot 2011-09-19 at 8.02.45 AM

Perhaps Nurse Vick will want to tell her patient to hold off on planking on that $100 million until he passes a couple of baseline tests.

Presumably, Vick flew back with the team last night and didn't have to stay behind for precautionary reasons.

The blood you see in the photo is because he bit his lip, nothing to do with his neck or head.


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  1. if he flew back with the team the concussion wasnt really a concussion because they would have held him over for a day

  2. After an Eagles loss, my DVR turns into a “coaches clicker”. I’ve been screaming at McCoy for whiffing on his blitz pick-up responsibility.

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