Morning Wood: It’s Rising Again

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The cream continues to rise. It must be September.

Once again, faux-challengers from around the league step up to the plate (quite literally) and, once again, the Phillies put them in their place. For the second year in a row, it was the Braves who walked into CBP in September only to leave humbled and with a red ass. The Phillies spanked them.

Now it’s the Brewers’ turn. We’ve seen this play before, it debuted in 2008 at The Bank. C.C. Sabathia and the Brewers came to Philadelphia with a four-game lead in the Wild Card standings. They left tied with the Phillies and lost to them in the NLDS.

If there’s one team the national media has more of a hard-on for than the Phillies right now, it’s those same (but different) Brewers. They own the best home record in baseball (50-20). Last night – without Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, and Chase Utley – the Phillies beat the best home team in baseball, 7-2. LOL.

Cole Hamels and his previously flowing but now crisp September locks threw a complete game with a lot of twos: two runs on two home runs, two walks, two strikeouts,  and a now 2.60 ERA. Hamels has 11 September wins since 2008, the most in the majors. His complete game was the 17th by a Phillies pitcher this year, the most in the majors.

The Phillies now have 92 wins, the most in the majors.

Hamels talked about his outing, via Ryan Lawrence of the Delco Times:

John Finger writes about the uncertainty of Rollins’ future.

The Phillies don’t like the big Darth Vader helmet, despite a now concussed Chase Utley.

Why Chuck LaMar left.

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17 Responses

  1. Enough already Rollins is the heart and soul of this team and without him the Phillies turn into the Mets. All the talent in the world but can’t put it together on the field.

  2. the mets don’t have talent outside of the left side of the infield.
    jimmy can walk for all i care. he wants way too much money at this point in his career. we can find a replacement (talent wise) easily. the only thing we’d miss is his personality in the clubhouse.

  3. a replacement talent wise… yes his name is Reyes. you going to help pay that kind of money Reyes wants?

  4. I hate rollins, never liked him, root for him b/c of the team… he is a overly self promoting ass, anyone catch the clip of his interview with Marshall Harris last night during pre game live??? where he said that by him saying the phils are the team to beat in 2007 that it was what started our climb to powerhouse in baseball…. What the fuck? Obviously Jimmy, there must have been some moves made, talent present prior to you saying that to make you think that WE were the team to beat…. otherwise you would look like an even bigger asshole for saying Team To Beat. Lets forget the fact that Cole was coming into his own. Jim Thome acquired(then traded to make room for Howard which was important), also Aaron Rowand, acquiring Jayson Werth and Shane from the Scrap pile, even trading away Bobby Abreu in 2006… No jimmy you didnt make us what we are… Pat Gillick DID! and even the moves that werent made, had an impact! i thank Ed wade everyday for NOT trading chase utley! Jimmy you may be a big part of the success and i loved the Team to beat comment but you are not THE REASON we are where we are… Bring on JJ Hardy! SEE YAH JROLL

  5. Hey Adam you play shortstop in your beer league and you always dream that your life would have turned you into a pro ball player. dude you have a lot of anger in you. Jimmy and everybody else knows he is the cog who gets this machine rolling.

  6. Hey Dwayne… just stating the facts. Rollins can walk. And i guess i hate on him like you hate on Chase and seem to be looking for a reason to hate on HP3…. just saying… rollins defense has gotten worse with what seems like every game. valdez might not have his range but makes up for it with his arm. Believe it was the play on Nyjer Morgan(who i hate) that was a bang bang play…. rollins might have gotten to that ball, but would have thrown a pussy throw to first allowing morgan to beat the play….

  7. Victorino has replaced Jroll has the catalyst for the team.. Rollins can go deal with the “front running” fans in Oakland

  8. As much as i thought Valdez was the mvp of last years team he can not replace Rollins even with that cannon he has for an arm.

  9. Regarding Jimmy, are his best years behind him? Yes. Is he worth the sort of money he’s looking for in what figures to be his final contract? Probably not. Would it foolish of the Phillies to let him walk without a firm replacement waiting in the wings? Absolutely.
    As of right now, fifty percent of J-Roll is better than 100 percent of any free agent shortstop on the market save for Jose Reyes, and he ain’t walking through that door in 2012. Unless you want to take your chances with untested rookie Freddy Galvis or some stumblebum from another team, Rollins is the best bet for the Phils.

  10. we dont need Reyes to replace what rollins provides. we need an average to slightly above average shortstop at this point.
    the clubhouse will miss him more than the field will.

  11. oh goodness you managed to slip utley into this… smh Rollins is the cog and if he goes next year you people will see it and then there will be articles daily “do the phillies miss rollins” just like when the eagles let B Dawk go…

  12. an emotional leader in football is COMPLETELY different than what jimmy is for the phillies, a slightly above avg shortstop

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