Morning Wood: Limp

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Uh ohs?

The prevailing subplot for much of this season has been: How will the Phillies handle meaningless September games?

Will they back into the playoffs, like so many other teams with best records have done before? Or will this group of veterans keep up their high level of play and be unfazed by a dozen exhibition games to end the season?

So far, we’re not liking the answer. The Phillies lost last night, 4-3.

In their last 10 games, the Phillies are 4-6, and have scored the following runs: 2, 1, 2, 1, 3, 2, 2, 9 (division, yo), 0, 3. That’s 2.5 runs per game, including their nine run outburst on Saturday. Removing that game, the average drops to 1.7 runs per game. 

Not good, Scoob.

Neither of those outputs are going to win anything. Not even the Phillies' league leading 3.23 runs given up per game can overcome miserable totals like that.

To be fair, we are dealing with a small sample size, made up of games that essentially mean nothing. Sure, the games in Houston counted, but once the Braves and Brewers series finished, clinching the division was all but a formality. Plus, let’s face it, they’ve played the last two games with a champagne-stenched locker room. That's the sports equivalent of trying to study in a college apartment with beer-stained carpets. You want to be a good student, but the smell of last night's Beast Light (and the resulting memory of your triple-kiss with Tina and Colleen from Tri-Delts) proves difficult to ignore. You shut the book and start playing video games.

Still, the cause for concern is there (we're back to the Phillies now). Even Roy and Cole look affected by the September doldrums. Charlie talks about. Video via Ryan Lawrence of the Delco Times:

The Phillies also clinched home field advantage last night. Tough times.


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  1. Thank god for that Braves series, you’d like to think that would serve to ramp up the intensity a bit and get them back to grinding out good ab’s with risp, that ibanez ab with 1 out and the bases loaded was a disgrace.

  2. Not to mention that St. Louis is playing for their lives right now. Tack on that this may be the last year with a healthy and happy Pujols, their window is for the now and every game for the next week and change is key. They’ve outplayed Philly in virtually every aspect of this series, which is to be expected, so hats off to them.
    Having said that, I bet a first-round matchup with the Red Birds would be highly entertaining all the way around.

  3. I apoligze profusely for being that guy but don’t we still need one win or a brewers loss to clinch homefield?
    163 – (98+64) = 1
    So…let’s clinch it today

  4. we actually already clinched homefield with the brew crew losing last night and yes head to head is the tie breaker…these are some tweets from zolecki and salisbury last night
    Phillies’ magic number to clinch home-field advantage is 1 because they won the season series against the Brewers.(zolecki)
    Brewers lose to the Cubs, so the Phillies clinch home-field advantage in the playoffs.(zolecki)
    Milw. loss gives Phils homef’ld advantage thru NL playoffs. Didn’t stop one fan from emailing after 2nd straight loss with subj. line: 1964(salisbury)

  5. This loss just proves how much Howard contributes, even as
    Crazy as he can drive us with his plate appearances.
    I bet a weeks pay he would have drove in at least 2 or 3
    Runs within all those chances we had.

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