NBC Apologizes to Eagles, A Non-Update on Vick’s Concussion

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Hey thanks, NBC, appreciate the support. 

Andy Reid told reporters today that he received an apology from the network for not airing a replay angle that clearly showed the ball on the Falcons’ third quarter interception hitting the ground. We just got this:

Thanks, Al.

About 10 minutes later, NBC showed the ball hitting the ground. 

Teams rely on coaches in the booth watching a TV feed to assist them in possible challenge situations. Since NBC didn’t show the replay in time, the Eagles didn’t challenge… and the Falcons went on to score. How does this happen in 2011?

Regarding Vick, trainer Rick Burkholder said he was doing “fine” last night and would be evaluated later today. He will have to undergo an IMPACT test, an MRI, and other NFL-mandated tests before being cleared to play again. I wouldn’t go holding my breath for next Sunday.


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  1. I find it amazing that a 9 Billion dollar company (the NFL) relies on a TV network to control the replays for teams to judge their challenges on. With all the money this multi-Billion dollar company generates…isn’t there a better way of doing things so that we get the best product out on the field?
    Why should a team have to wait on a (possibly) 25 year old pimpled geek to replay something on TV that could have a big outcome on their game…if not their ENTIRE season?

  2. That’s not even the worst part (even though it is bad). The NFL made two changes to the replay process in the offseason.
    The first one hasn’t come up yet, but it will at some point. Previously, if a coach used all three challenges successfully, he got another challenge. The NFL took that away because “the rule wasn’t being used.” No, maybe it wasn’t used often. But I guarantee the FIRST time it happens where a coach doesn’t get that challenge and possibly loses because of it, it’s going to become a major story.
    Second, coaches can’t challenge scoring plays now. They are “automatically” reviewed. Too bad, though, that they aren’t getting it right. Darren Sproles scored yesterday when replays showed it was CLEAR he stepped out at the one yard line. The Bears couldn’t challenge, and the replay guy didn’t signal the referee to review the play. That could become a big story as well.
    At some point this year, either the NFL will rectify the situation, or they will be caught in a situation that is very embarrassing.

  3. I have to agree 100% with Eddy… So basically when the coaches are in the booth deciding weather to channel down to Andy for a replay they are watching the same replays we are watching without the annoying announcers????

  4. NBC didn’t show a replay of the guy catching the ball either. AR has to throw that flag. Big deal, you lose a T.O. if you’re wrong. And not throwing it you can lose the game.
    The Eagles burn countless T.O.s (3 in the first half against the Rams) all the time just to avoid a 5-yard delay penalty.
    That’s a bigger waste.

  5. Thanks NBC. We accept your apology and understand. Hey these things happen. NOT!
    Game was huge. fast forward to the end of the season when home field advantage and everything is on the line. We lose the head to head tie breaker vs. Atlanta now.
    Not blaming NBC entirely . Comes down to coaching and the ability to make quick decisions. Key point in the game and possession was key. So what if you are wrong and lose a time out.
    Of course this is in the past .. the present is not much better. #1 fear comintg into the season was losing Vick. It took all of 100 minutes to happen. If he is out we’re 1-2 with a Division and Conference loss.
    Got to go … I have a concussion from watching last night and must lie down.

  6. THIS IS A FUCKING OUTRAGE GODDAMNIT. EDDY IS RIGHT. How the fuck are we in 2011 and relying on the silly fucking tv station to get the replay what a bunch of horseshit. Remember the penguins douche bag who didnt replay the angle of the gagne goal. Yea well this is something similar. Some douche was at the bottom of this. Seriously if we challenge and it gets overruled the falcons dont score. Thats a big time fuck up right there. The NFL blows. Focus all of your energy on changing the kick off rules and leave gaping holes in the fucking infrastructure of games like this where some shitty producer is responsible for supplying the coaches with adequate angles through which to determine challenging. Horseshit.
    But yes, AR needs to throw that flag a little more often. But right now its NBC and the NFL im pissed at rather than AR.

  7. Fuck this. Fuck everything about this and all the dumb shit that happened last night in that game. God dammit.

  8. its all true with NBC and all, and they’re at fault, but also, you have to blame Reid also. These “little” decisions are the type that always pop up every season for the past 10yrs. which either cost us a game in the season, a playoff game, or SuperBowl (when we get there) The in-game, on the fly, type choices are the ones us Eagles’ fans have to suck on each year and end a good season with, “Next year is our year”, because Reid doesn’t STEP IT UP and go ba*** out for once. Im a die-hard Eagles’ fan to the core, but when are we gonna realize that no matter how many good-to-great-to-game changing players we have, the one thing that doesn’t is… the head coach.

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