Phillies Playoff Anthem: When September Ends

Tremendous job by readers Nick Zerno and Justin Wiley, who recorded their version of Green Day's Wake Me Up When September Ends

This song may be a bit overplayed, but I'll be damned if I didn't get chills about midway through watching Harry's 2008 World Series call. Give your thoughts after the jump.

If MLB removes this from YouTube, they simply have no soul.


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  1. Preston and Steve had this on for my drive to Accounting. Its pretty good, but there’s a bit too much of a chorus effect on the vocal for my taste.

  2. that shit was a little too soft for me. the vid is also needs clips of Mayberry Jr. Pence and Utley chanting “world fucking champions”

  3. Say what you want about Wheeler, he’ll always get a ton of respect from me for not uttering a sound during HK’s World Series call.

  4. ya, but watch the video of him “celebrating” or awkwardly fist pumping and waving his arms like a wild wacky inflatable arm man

  5. @mikebiff when you are that old you can’t move around like that and talk at the same time you won’t have the breath

  6. Watching that video popped a thought into my head.
    Thanks, RAJ, seriously.
    That no-hitter Doc threw could have easily been the last great moment for this group of Phillies. Obviously, the NLCS happened. But with one magical wrangling of a mystical steed, you assured it would not be a typical Philly “get close (or there, in this instance) and then be unable to prolong it” result.
    The team would still have been competitive, but surely not where it is without that signing. And, on top of that, say we go into this season without Lee. Then Oswalt goes down early. Blanton is out. Now you have Halladay, Hamels, Kendrick, Worley and who? (And who knows what you get out of Worley, being depended on instead of a bonus) Come the end of July, a right handed bat isn’t the only issue on the team. Therefore, maybe you are unable, unwilling or told not to get Pence. Who knows where this season goes?
    Obviously, all that is for naught if they don’t get that hardware. But we could be nowhere close to this if it wasn’t for you. Who knows if we hear talk of being one of the best teams ever (as long as they get that ring) if you hadn’t brought that magical, hoof-clattering echo back around CBP again.
    That Halladay no-hitter could have been looked upon, historically, as the last great moment for a great era for the Phillies. But now, that’s not even a thought. Ridiculous and amazing at the same time.
    It’s been said often this year. But again, thank you, RAJ.

  7. The main issue I have with things like this is that people generally don’t think of the song clearly enough when they put together videos. This song is about the death of a father. You just can’t go “Wake Me Up When September Ends…..oh, I can totally relate, that’s like me wanting to get to October baseball! Perfect!” Reminds me of Reagan and “Born in the USA”.

  8. nightes94- totally disagree. i believe it was jimmy buffett who once said “art is open to be interpreted how people see fit.” not to get too deep, but that’s kind of the thinking here. almost no one relates that to it’s original meaning – nor do we with most songs – the lyrics and symbolism, in a way, really work here. i’m fine with it. my only thought on song choice is: will this work after october 1? it fits now, but it might become “dated” in two weeks.

  9. Also I find it amazing how much Wheels ruins that call for me when I see the video
    Someone kill that fucking guy

  10. That was awesome.
    as for this:
    “This song is about the death of a father.”
    Umm, no it’s not. The original may be, but this one is about the Phillies.

  11. Way too soft. And referencing a quote from Jimmy Buffet about interpreting art? You’re better than that.

  12. Maybe I’m being biased, as I hate that song, and Green Day for their bleeding-heart political views that they force into their music… But that blew. It’d be better served re-written as an anthem for the other three teams in the NL East, the Astros, Pirates, Dodgers, Padres, or every other team that knows in April they will not be playing after September. The song is too fucking depressing to try and throw lyrics to and make happy time.
    Also, I have issues with 99% of these remixed songs done by fans. I just don’t like them. Period.

  13. Kyle, there’s a MAJOR difference between leaving art open to interperitation, and essentially trying to pass off someone with slit wrists as the happiest person in the world.
    No matter how big of a smile your boss puts on his face and how chipper his voice is when he lays you off, you’re still gonna want to jump off of a bridge if you’re $20,000 in debt and have bills to pay at the end of the month.

  14. forgot to mention the part when all the fake fans jump on the bandwagon and make stupid comments

  15. It is NOT DIFFICULT to photoshop Wheels out of that video. Please Video Dan do this for us! I cannot watch that video with that awkward asswipe jumping around behind Harry. It’s well documented that Harry hated his guts so just to honor him please get him out of the official archive. It’s all I ask.

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